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Forcing a vaper to buy original electronic liquid brands is difficult, but at his choice of e-liquid flavors can be affected in this way:

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Vapers are fashionable modern young people. They quit smoking or they want to do it with the help of vaping. They try to keep a healthy lifestyle and try cigarette smokers to get involved into their culture. Basically, these are bearded townspeople, visitors of barber shops. Those who are in the hangout for a long time, vape a lot and accordingly spend money for their hobby.

A separate category of vapers includes those who began to vape to quit smoking. They do not use expensive devices or branded juices without e-liquid nicotine. They are not looking for perfect combinations of top vape flavors and do not stay in vape bars. They just vape to quit smoking.

Vapers have their values. They adhere to certain norms of etiquette, because surrounding wapping is perceived ambiguously. Vapers often hover in a circle of like-minded people or at home.

Customization (individualization) is one of the main elements of culture. Many steamers have several different devices for vaping, which are constantly improving.

Vapers carry out thematic festivals around the world (Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, and Ireland.

They even transferred pleasure to a new level, turning it into a fashionable activity and spectacular competition:

cloud chasing – creating the largest amount of steam;

tricks – fascinating stunts, executed with the help of steam;

vape-alchemy – competition for the creation of a better fluid.

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