Many starting vapers want to once understand why and how the best e-liquid brands are distinguished? How to choose it? How to differ a top-value product from substandard one, harmless e-liquids from those, which can cause harm to your health? Are there any e-juice wholesale suppliers who you can trust?

The variety of e-liquid aromas, in principle, can be classified. It includes:

E-liquid nicotine brands (possessing the flavors and tastes of usual cigarettes and being a great thing for ex-smokers);


tonic (with flavors of confectionery products and favorite drinks).

The standard e-liquid ingredients are propylene glycol, distilled water, glycerin, top vape flavors and, for tobacco lovers, nicotine.

There are standard options with a percentage ratio of components: 35 to 40 glycerol to 50-to-55 propylene glycol and 10 percent water with nicotine additive and flavorings. Such formulations give “blows” to the throat to a moderate degree, average steam and average taste characteristics. From using the glycerin formulations the vaper gets a flow of thick vapor with a lesser feel of the filler strength (there is a risk of not noticing the saturation with nicotine and getting a little overdose).

Attention! Choosing the liquid for your electronic cigarette, you need to focus on the characteristics of the device itself.

For many, switching to electronic vaporization and premium fruit juice brands is an attempt to quit smoking. In this case, which electronic cigarette liquids are better to choose? For these purposes, it is important to choose the correct filler strength. The most important indicator in this situation is the content of nicotine. It is necessary to determine the level of nicotine, which will suit you. How is it calculated? The correspondence is as follows: the strength designation on cigarettes corresponds to the content of nicotine in the liquid, increased by 20 times. That is, if the cigarette pack indicated 0.6mg of nicotine, then for strength it will be similar to a liquid with a content of 12 mg per ml. To satisfy the nicotine dependence, it must be taken into account that 1.5 ml of liquid filler replaces about 20 – 25 pcs. of cigarettes.