E-liquids FlavourlessHi friends who vape. We present you a new article of the series of our e-liquid reviews here.

We ask to share, spread the recipes of free vape juice. We want to show you some examples oh how other vapers are busy with the vape flavors diy.

One vaper advises to blend 36 milligrams e-liquid nicotine with the composition, consisting of 45% glycerin and about 6 milligrams propylene glycol. As additives to create e-liquid flavors, most vape consumers add about 30 ml or 6 drops of Orange Flavor, three drops of E-liquids Flavourless West and 3 drops of another additive. It turned out to be very tasty, exactly as a refreshing orange.

Another recipe from one of our friends is called by him as bathhouse.

This cheap premium vape juice is based on ten milligram classical base, consisting of 35 percent glycerol, 60 percent propylene glycol, 5 percent water.

Some other vapers say that the real vaping dream consists in making such premium e-liquid cheap , which e-liquid ingredients are strawberry aromas mixed with 2 drops of mint mixture.

To make your e-liquid cheap, let your e-juice become premium. Let the traditional base be insisted during about seven days. It will then consist of traditional components, which are not expensive to buy, but will get a special, unique aroma as a logical sequence of this procedure.

This is the basic secret and proficiency of vape flavors diy. The secret and skills to make vape-liquid cheap, but letting it have top vape flavors.

You will estimate yourself higher if you are able to make top vape blends at home.

The business is not easy, but it is security of your talent. Or, in other words, high skills, which you possess.