The four health benefits of electronic cigarettes

Clearer skin, better breath or even improved taste and smell are among the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Several changes take place when you stop smoking and switch to e-cigarettes. Inevitably, when you no longer inhale the toxic smoke of tobacco, you notice improvements in your health.

Vaping includes advantages and benefits for your health, among which are:

  1. you quit smoking and this is arguably the best benefit you get from vaping;
  2. you rediscover your taste and smell and you rediscover your favourite dishes;
  3. you improve your physical condition (breath, lung and heart health);
  4. your teeth, your nails, your hair and your skin become more beautiful;
  5. you save money.

If you are still hesitating to quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes, this article gives you at least 5 reasons to give up cigarettes and try vaping.

1. The electronic cigarette helps to quit smoking

Quitting smoking is the best benefit of electronic cigarettes. A benefit that is good for your health and that of your loved ones. An advantage that is also good for your wallet. In short, quitting smoking is the best decision you can make.

And the electronic cigarette is an effective aid to quit smoking. It works with different levels of nicotine. It replaces and imitates the normal cigarette, both in its gestures and in the vaporization of nicotine and its inhalation by steam.

But the big difference between the vaper and the cigarette is its risk reduction. The toxicity of cigarettes no longer needs to be proven. The dangers of smoking are known to all: cancers, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disorders…

Quitting smoking preserves your health. The 4000 harmful substances present in the smoke of the cigarette do not compose the vapour of the e-cigarette. E-cig vapour is even 95% safer than combustible cigarette smoke.

So, if there is one benefit of the electronic cigarette that should not be ignored, it is this: vaping helps you quit smoking. Definitively.

Electronic cigarettes have helped more than 700,000 smokers quit

Electronic cigarette is effective in quitting smoking. It is effective because it has already helped more than 700,000 smokers quit smoking (according to a study published in 2019… the number has grown since then).

Vaping is also effective because it imitates the traditional cigarette and because it allows you to tame both your nicotine addiction and your psychological addiction to tobacco.

The benefits of vaping for smokers

The electronic cigarette has at least two virtues for the smoker :

  1. you no longer intoxicate yourself with the 4000 chemical products of smoke (carbon monoxide, tar, acetone… You no longer absorb them);
  2. and you are no longer addicted to nicotine.

The advantage of the e-cig is that it does not ask you to stop or change your daily life. It naturally replaces the cigarette. Thanks to the different tastes of liquids for electronic cigarettes, you can choose a flavour that is close to that of tobacco (at least to start vaping).

Then, you can choose a vape that looks like a cigarette, like Joyetech ‘s Ego AIO sticks and kit, for example, ideal for beginner vapers.

All electronic cigarettes are designed to imitate the gesture of smoking: the drip tip (mouthpiece) replaces the filter, the vapour replaces the smoke, the propylene glycol replaces the hit in the throat, the nicotine prevents a desire to smoke from developing and limits the risk of relapse into smoking.

Stop smoking and preserve your health. The first benefit of the electronic cigarette is to help you fight against smoking.

Order your first complete electronic cigarette kit now to take action and quit smoking with vaping.

2. You find the taste and smell of the e-cigarette

The second benefit of the electronic cigarette is that you regain your taste and smell.

You may not realize it when you are a smoker, but when you become an e-smoker, you realize that your taste and smell change. They become clearer. The flavours burst on your palate and the scents fill your nose.

Tobacco reduces taste and smell. The smoke from the cigarette you inhale triggers an inflammatory process that affects taste and smell. Smoking keeps your senses inflamed and impairs them.

This degradation of the senses is temporary. It stops when you quit smoking. But to find the delicious taste of your favourite dishes, you still have to succeed in quitting smoking. And, here again, the electronic cigarette stands out as an effective solution in the long term.

By rediscovering your senses, you appreciate the little things of everyday life more.

3. The electronic cigarette improves your physical condition

The third benefit of the electronic cigarette concerns the improvement of your state of physical health. Are you breathing badly? Do you have recurrent asthma attacks? Are you puffing like an ox after climbing two flights of stairs? Say thank you to the cigarette.

Tobacco attacks the performance of the heart and lungs. It is often the cause of dyspnea, that is to say, permanent shortness of breath that occurs at the slightest effort. Even athletes see their physical and sporting abilities reduced when they smoke, compared to a non-smoker.

Fortunately, as with taste and smell, you can regain good physical condition by quitting smoking and switching to e-cigarettes. Vaping, by quitting smoking, allows you to:

  • catch your breath and effortlessly climb two flights of stairs;
  • resume a sports activity without suffering;
  • preserve your heart health and prevent possible heart disease;
  • preserve your lung and respiratory health;
  • reduce the risk of developing certain diseases such as lung cancer;
  • stop coughing and spitting after physical exertion.

In other words, quitting smoking and switching to vaping helps you get back to a physical condition that helps maintain your health. Because, if your grandmother Mireille can climb six flights of stairs without an elevator and without being out of breath, and you cannot, then you have something to worry about.

Order your electronic cigarette for beginners and catch up with Mireille on the stairs.

4. The benefits of electronic cigarettes for skin, hair, teeth and nails

The fourth benefit of the electronic cigarette concerns the beautification of your hair, teeth, nails and your skin.

Again, when you quit smoking, you are healthier. And it shows in your physical appearance. Your bags under your eyes are diminishing, your teeth are whitening and, above all, you no longer carry the smell of cold tobacco with you which makes the nostrils of more than one of your interlocutor’s wrinkle (unless they are smokers, of course, because they no longer have a nose).

Benefits of electronic cigarettes for the skin

Quitting smoking has a beneficial effect on your appearance and in particular on the condition of your skin. If you suffer from acne or skin imperfections, you will be pleasantly surprised to see your pimples disappear.

The electronic cigarette allows you to have a better complexion and beautiful skin. The carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke accelerates the ageing of the epidermis, makes the complexion dull and creates wrinkles.

When you stop smoking with the vape, you find beautiful skin.

Benefits of the vape on the hair

As for the skin, vaping has a benefit on the beauty of the hair. Tobacco tends to make your locks brittle and dull. Smoking can even accelerate hair loss.

When you start vaping and stop smoking, you will find beautiful, supple and shiny hair.

Benefits of the e-cigarette on the teeth

Having a beautiful smile is everything. And the problem with cigarettes is that they leave nasty yellow stains on your teeth. Fortunately, the electronic cigarette helps you regain a bright smile thanks to the positive side effects of vaping.

To the question “does the electronic cigarette yellow the teeth?” the answer is no, quite the contrary. With vaping, you maintain better oral health than when you smoked your pack of tobacco.

Benefits of vaping for nails

If you have yellow, brittle fingernails, again, blame your cigarette pack. Vaping allows you to find beautiful claws that will give you a hard time cutting them. But at least you’ll have pretty fingers.

The tar that appears in cigarette smoke after smoking tobacco yellows the fingernails. Inevitably, when you replace the cigarette with an e-cigarette, you find nails without yellow spots.

The benefits of electronic cigarettes: a motivation to fight against smoking

These five benefits of electronic cigarettes are a source of motivation to quit smoking. Of course, there are alternative methods to quit smoking, such as nicotine patches sold in pharmacies, acupuncture, hypnosis…

The electronic cigarette remains one of the most effective means in the fight against tobacco. It is an aid to stop smoking which has meliorative consequences on your health and your physical condition.

The ultimate goal is to stop smoking. To support you in this withdrawal, you can contact a tobacco specialist specializing in addictions. You can also ask us your questions and read our blog articles to get started with the electronic cigarette.

You feel the first benefits of the vape after a few weeks. It is normal to experience some side effects at first. Rest assured, there is no harm from electronic cigarettes. These side effects, such as coughing and headaches, are linked to quitting smoking. They fade after a few days to a few weeks.