IQOS Heets Purple LabelIQOS Heets Purple Label got its name due to the color of their packaging.

The design of the pack is made in purple tones. Stickers for IQOS Purple Label have a pronounced fruity aroma with a light mint note. The original combination pleasantly diversifies the process of smoking. Pleasant coolness, the taste of blueberries and currants, a light touch of tobacco – this blend highlights purple cigarettes from the entire Heets product line.

How much nicotine is contained in the heets?

Smokers got used to the fact that information about the amount of nicotine in a cigarette is on the pack. With IQOS, the situation is different. Information about the nicotine content in the Heets sticks is not easy to find. Neither the package nor the official website could not find anything.

Purple Label is a fruity and menthol mixture.

Obviously, the development of new tastes is an advantage. Notwithstanding the new snappy plan, the sticks got a few valuable augmentations:
a thin layer of thwart, which guarantees warming over the whole length;
Polymer channel that keeps the entrance of hot vapor into the throat when smoking.
When utilizing HEETS, we quickly attract consideration regarding the non-appearance of stains that are caused by utilizing sticks.
After the utilization of this stick had become a trend, the producer focused on its center part. In some cases, there is an innovation of usage of these sticks offered by the Parliament when a soft part becomes solid. HEETS is unquestionably not intended for everybody. Despite the fact that, for the individuals who are changing to the innovation of warming tobacco, they will dependably become a choice.

The primary use of this innovation is the comfortability of tobacco consumption and change of behavior.
The risk is diminished. There is no danger to get into temptation to restart smoking.
People will use safer and comfortable heat sticks instead of ordinary tobacco cigarettes.
No risk of desire to feel a usual cigarette in one hand.
No fruity smells will mislead and push back to usual tobacco consumption.

So, the IQOS Heets Purple Label sticks are recommended to all smokers who wish to share a new trend.