IQOS tobacco variety is huge, but can be divided into two main groups. Of course, this division is conventional. It is based on the tastes of users. Some users prefer pure and pretty strong IQOS tobacco without any spicy scents while the others namely want to use softer IQOS tobacco with spicy notes.

Both groups are respectively targeted toward the lovers of strong tobacco flavor and sweeter aromas.

Both IQOS tobacco groups are currently retailed by online stores.

Today we want to start a conversation about shopping in online stores and consider the main advantages and disadvantages of buying IQOS tobacco via Internet. Now traditional trade in all areas has already moved into the Internet space and has reliably settled there. Every year more and more people are inclined to purchases of certain product groups via the Internet, the monetary volume of such purchases, as well as their number, is growing steadily.

Let’s look at the main pros of IQOS tobacco shopping in online stores.
1. Savings. The main advantage from the point of view of effective personal finance management is the significant savings in the family budget. The vast majority of purchases of goods over the Internet can be made at better prices than in retail stores and markets. The financial gain on large, expensive products averages 10-20% of their price in traditional stores.
At the same time, we personally know many people who buy similar goods, overpaying goods much more by shopping them offline. Moreover, they are absolutely not rich people, but they rather tend to visit shops to buy there. Question: why should you do it?
2. Assortment. The second undoubted advantage of buying goods via the Internet is a huge assortment that cannot be compared with the assortment of any, even the largest retail shopping center. It is also referred to the IQOS tobacco collections. On the Web, you can find absolutely everything, including rare and unique products, moreover, much faster than in your nearby shop. To do this, it is enough to be able to use the search, which for most people now does not state any problem.