Overviewing the Juul Alternative Pod Devices, we see the products of top Juul competitors.

Let us list the most widespread Juul Alternative Pod Devices.

BO One by J WELL is one of the top Juul Alternative Pod Devices.

This is a French device that is supplied with the French liquid in the kit.

Is activated by puff, tight cigarette puff.

Magnetic charging – fastening takes place on paired magnets, thanks to which the connector “independently” is correctly connected when brought to the connector on the mod case. You can vape while charging, the cartomizer does not flow, there is a light indication of the charge.

The cartridge has a capacity of 1.5 ml, and the battery is 380 mAh.

20 fruit and tobacco flavors are available on saline nicotine with a strength of 0, 8, 16 and 45 mg / ml. Despite the closure of the system, the cartridge can be refilled, but this is not recommended, as the seal is broken.

Good assembly, the device has a ceramic coating.

Dimensions 100 x 15 x 8 mm, weight 22 g.

Five colors: gray, black, three abstract patterns.

The model has protection against overheating. Separately, you can purchase a portable charger-case with a built-in 1500 mAh battery and a compartment for a spare cartridge.

Phix by MLV is also one of the top Juul Alternative Pod Devices.

Stylish pod-system, which gained great popularity and displaced the previous “king of the segment” – Juul. Phix “beat” its competitor due to the magnetic fastening of the cartridge and more convenient charging – after these technologies began to be used in other pod-systems.

Puff activation, tight cigarette puff.

Magnetic charging, no leaks, light indication.

The battery capacity is 280 mAh, and the cartomizer is 1.5 ml.

Five tobacco and fruit flavors on saline nicotine 5% of the volume, which approximately corresponds to 50 mg / ml.

Dimensions 110 x 10.75 x 19 mm, weight 20 g.

Stylish design, black color.

There is no possibility to vape while tightening. Cartridges are filled with branded “juice” from Brewell Manufacturing.

SMPO Kit is also one of the top Juul Alternative Pod Devices.

The British pod-system, distinguished by its form – while most sub-mods try to maintain the “stick” format, that is, “sticks”, SMPO decided to make an oval model.