You want to get into the electronic cigarette, but you do not know what dosage of e-liquid nicotine would suit you, so we explain to you:

Nicotine, the smoker’s first addiction

The only product present in both a conventional cigarette and an electronic cigarette is nicotine. It is the number 1 ingredient that creates the addiction of the smoker.

Needless to deny, it is often difficult to remove it from your daily life with just one click. It is therefore essential to start “vaping” with a nicotine level in line with your needs and finally say goodbye to the classic cigarette.

Beware of misconceptions!

Is nicotine carcinogenic?

False: Nicotine is not carcinogenic, unlike the 4000 harmful products of a conventional cigarette. It influences our addiction like a drug, but it does not have the same dangerousness as tar, mercury, carbon… and many other poisons that you will find in a classic cigarette.

Is nicotine dangerous?

Fake. Nicotine is not dangerous, but should not be consumed in excessive amounts. At high doses, nicotine can cause slight inconvenience: nausea, palpitations, headaches… This stops quite quickly when you stop smoking or vaping.

It is therefore important to find the dosage that suits your consumption habits! 

Start the electronic cigarette: Calculate your physiological need for nicotine related to your cigarette.

When you start the electronic cigarette, we advise you to keep AT MINIMA the same dosage of nicotine present in your old classic cigarettes. The reasons : 

=> taking an e-liquid that is too weak will not fill your gap. If you start with a nicotine level that is too low and therefore unsuitable, there will be no withdrawal and therefore a potential risk of relapse to smoking!


Are you hesitating between a higher or lower nicotine dosage? Start with an e-liquid with higher nicotine content. The essential objective is to limit the consumption of classic cigarettes: taking an e-liquid with a higher nicotine content is always better than going back to smoking! Remember, it’s the thousands of toxins in cigarettes that are bad. An electronic cigarette, even with a powerful nicotine dosage, will NEVER do more harm than a conventional cigarette.

E-liquid: Find the nicotine dosage that suits you

When selecting the e-liquid, there are 3 choices to be made:

– the nicotine level (in mg/ml)

– the flavour

– the PG / VG rate

We will focus on the first choice; The flavour being really subjective and the rate of PG rather relative to your e-cigarette.

Some prefer tobacco-flavoured e-liquid to restore the memory of the cigarette, or others prefer to try fruity flavours or candy flavours! Up to you!

To know: the nicotine level is independent of the flavour: you can choose a strawberry candy-flavoured e-liquid with more nicotine than a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid!

For the nicotine level, there are 5 possible dosages:

0mg/ml: Absence of nicotine

6 mg/ml* : Low amount of nicotine

11 (or 12) mg/ml* : Average amount of nicotine

16 (or 18) mg/ml* : High amount of nicotine

19.6 mg/ ml* : Maximum strong nicotine quantity

* 10 ml bottle.

Calculation of the nicotine level per bottle of e-liquid:

To begin with, you should know that when you smoke a cigarette, whatever the type (light menthol or others), you assimilate on average between 1 and 3mg per cigarette.

So, if you smoke a pack a day, you consume an average of 40mg of nicotine per day. (on average 2mg x 20 cigarettes = 40mg for a smoked packet)

You can thus know the physiological need and part of your degree of dependence. (there are other nicotine dependence factors, see the Fagerström test)

In a 10ml bottle: 

For 3mg/ml = 30 mg in total in your bottle

For 6mg/ml = 60 mg in total

For 11mg/ml = 110 mg in total

For 16mg/ml = 160 mg in total

For 19.6mg/ml = 196mg in total in your 10ml bottle

Vaporization < Combustion

Be careful though! vaporization (vaping) does not have the same assimilation as combustion (cigarette).

Thus, on average, we consider that we lose on average up to 30% of nicotine by using electronic cigarettes. 

Concrete example : 

Smoker at 1 pack of cigarettes per day = 2 mg on average per cigarette =

2 x 20 =

40mg of nicotine per day assimilated

With 6mg/ml: 

60mg in a 10ml bottle => Loss of 30% 

=> A 10ml bottle in 6mg/ml will allow you to assimilate 42mg of nicotine on average 

You will therefore need to vape almost an entire bottle to achieve an equivalent dosage, which is substantial and very important!

With 11mg/ml

110mg in a 10ml bottle => Loss of 30% 

=> A 10ml bottle at 11mg/ml can assimilate approximately 77mg of nicotine.

Again, you will need to vape consistently (more than one bottle every 2 days) to have effective weaning!

With 16mg/ml

160mg in a 10ml bottle

=> A 10ml bottle at 16mg/ml will allow you to assimilate approximately 112mg of nicotine.

This dosage could thus be more coherent, with a consumption of a 10ml bottle almost every 3 days.

All these figures are to be weighted according to how you perform your draw, and the power you use with your device,

but allow you to have the first indication of your needs and your consumption via your electronic cigarette.

Conclusion: The higher your dosage, the greater your chances of success in quitting smoking!

Whatever happens, your body will seek its need for nicotine, regardless of the dosage used: it is physiological. 

Otherwise, it’s frustration and risk of relapse towards the killer.

So, you might as well try to start with a dosage that will allow you not to feel any lack.

An underdose = A risk of falling toward the cigarette

An overdose = You just have to reduce your frequency of use.

Another tip: Remember to stay hydrated. Generally, headaches that occur after vaping are frequently linked to e-cigarette-related dehydration. Do not hesitate to increase your general water consumption when you vape!

In addition, your e-liquid consumption will also be less, so your budget will also be reduced.