Juul UKJuul, despite its simplicity, in a short time became incredibly popular both at home and in European countries. Let us try to find out why Juul UK vapers are so much impressed by this new kind of vaping.
The first thing we realized that the guys did not get their diplomas in vain.
What are we used to see electronic cigarettes?
1. Devices, repeating the size and shape of analog cigarettes. In common Ponsa or Go # Nosigi.
2.Tubular devices, mainly mechanical mods.
3. Boxes – fashion of various types and forms.

PAX Labs, Inc went a completely different way. Honestly Juul least of all reminds an electronic cigarette from all that I only saw in the life. Even when oir kettle boils are rather like an electronic cigarette than this small thing.

Structurally, the device consists of two parts – the battery and a removable cartridge containing liquid.
There are no controls. On the case you can see only the LED, which is lit in different colors depending on the state of charge of the battery:
Green – maximum / high charge.
Yellow – medium.
Red – low.
Charging is done by usb adapter, which is simply inserted into the desired connector. A full charge takes one hour.
We did not find exact information about the battery capacity. According to the manufacturer, one battery charge is designed for one cartridge.

By the way, about them. Until recently, the manufacturer’s assets had only four tastes – fruit, tobacco, mint, cream, which attract the Juul UK users. On the eve of the holidays, the guys decided to please their fans and released another taste – chocolate and mint.

Each cartridge contains 7 ml of liquid with a nicotine amount of 5% of the amount of liquid. Each cartridge is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes or 200 puffs.
It is natural to talk about the amount of vapor here. The company is positioning its device primarily as a device for those who want to quit smoking, and not for the vapers.
Juul works according to the principle of the first electronic cigarette, i.e. in order to make a puff, you just need to tighten, the device turns on automatically.