5% Juul podsVaping is relatively a new culture. But it has already got so much to offer and surprise us. Every year there are launched different kinds of products peculiar in their nature and taste.

5% Juul pods consist of 5% nicotine, which indicates 50mg nicotine and it is almost identical to one package of cigarettes.

The main features of 5 % JUUL pods

  • A bundle of four premium-quality JUUL salt e-juice pods in an enticing natural fruity aroma
  • Each pod is pre-loaded up with 0.7 ml of e-juice nicotine salt, which contains 5% nicotine by weight
  • Each pod conveys around 200 puffs

Try our exotic burst of flavours, trully made to give you the ultimate smoking hit.

All JUUL Salts e-juices are made with a restrictive mix of organic oils, the active ingredient of a substance, flavors, glycerol, propylene glycol, benzoic acid, and nicotine. The components have been hand-chosen by a group of researchers to convey a fantastic practice when joined with cutting edge temperature-controlled vapor innovation. JUUL truly gives an exceptional vaping background, and its numerous flavors convey a refreshingly fruity flavor that you’ll make certain to cherish.

So, in case that a superb fruity flavor sounds like something that you would appreciate, at that point 5 % JUUL pods will surely convey its core. These pods offer the sweet taste of grapes, peaches, and berries which are joined with the succulent kind of home grown notes, making a genuinely unique flavor. The flavor is reminiscent of the crisp reap of summer and the smoothness of the salt e-juice is such a charming adventure into vaping. Nicotine is matched with the enticing kind of crisp natural product. Taste the fascinating burst of flavors, indeed made to give you a definitive smoking hit!