What nicotine level should you choose?When just starting vaping, ex-smokers quickly understand that it is not the same as smoking. One of the topics they get confused on is the nicotine strength needed. This is one of the most important factors which is needed to be taken into consideration at the beginning of quitting tobacco consumption. Too much nicotine can lead to unpleasant sensations, while not enough would not be able to face the cravings.

If you are a starting vaper then most probably you will choose a simple device at first. You can choose between a refillable pod system, which can give you the possibility to experiment with e-juice strengths, and 3% or 5% Juul pods.

Think about your previous smoking habits. Have you been a heavy, several packs a day smoker, or 2-3 cigs per day was enough? The more you’ve smoked previously the bigger should be the strength. But it is always advised to experiment.

Ready-made e-juices, usually are packed with 3-20 mg of nicotine. This is the maximum legally admissible amount which can be sold, dissolved in e-juice. In case you want to make your own concoction, you can always try DIY e-juice or short fills.

Short fills are typical e-liquids but with 0% nicotine. They are sold in bigger bottles and many sellers sometimes offer free nicotine shots to make a cocktail of your own. This would be a great chance to try to go from less nicotine to more in a matter of seconds by adding more to the mix.

As well nicotine strength influences the amount of vapour received on the outcome. The higher the level the fewer clouds would be produced. Thus if cloud chasing is a priority, you might as well choose a lower dose and vice-versa.

With that said, suggestions are one thing and real life can be totally different. If you haven’t found your ideal nicotine level from the beginning it does not mean that is isn’t working for you.