About Halo Liquid

In case you’ve had the least notion, Halo Cigs is an e-liquid and e-cigarette company that first appeared in the United States in 2009. After a quiet beginning, Halo has slowly created a dedicated customer base and now receives estimated 6,000-plus visitors every month.

Halo strives to be famous and to show that they are one of the first leading e-liquid companies to manufacture its liquids here in the States rather than marketing e-liquid made by a supplier in China as most e-cigarette companies do.

It is obvious that a remarkable percentage of Halo’s business derives from faithful customers, and that fact should tell you something about the quality of the products. We believe believe that Halo Liquid was some of the first to have a lot number printed on each bottle for quality control, which is practiced by most major e-liquid companies. They adopted and followed after Halo’s example. Halo’s liquid design priorities indicate creative flavors, high vapor production and a special feeling of nicotine satisfaction, even at lower nicotine concentrations.

Halo liquid ships worldwide. It makes possible for every smoker to experiment with its products. It is always interesting to get to know something new and unknown. Use the opportunity and get an unbelievable experience!