Why do actually E-Cigarette battery problems occur?

Many e-cigarette kits consist of automatic batteries. When you inhale, the battery turns on. This is usually performed through the use of a flexible membrane inside the battery. When air gets through, the membrane causes the battery terminal to touch the atomizer or cartomizer, turning it on and producing vapor.

Usually, the membrane has a hole so puffs on the e-cigarette don’t feel tight and limited. The negative aspect of this is that e-liquid can sometimes run through the hole and short out the battery. This is especially inherent to dripping. If your e-cigarette has an automatic battery that suddenly does not function, try placing it on a paper towel with the terminal facing down for a few days.

You may find that the battery begins working again after the e-liquid outflows from it.

However, there are plenty of problems that can accompany an electronic cigarette, especially if you aren’t sure whether or not you are using it properly. It is well necessary reading all of the instructions plus the trouble shooting guides that many brands will add into their items to guarantee that you aren’t damaging your e-cig in any way. We recommend only using high drain batteries.

You must use batteries that have a positive button on the top. Flat top batteries will not work.