Is it possible to use my E-Cigarette on airplanes?

One of the leading selling points of e-cigarettes is that you can use them in many places where smoking is banned. Many hotels and rent-a-car companies don’t disturb e-smokers, and you can even use your e-cigarette at your desk in many workplaces (in offices and etc.).


However, Michael Felberbaum of the Associated Press commented in 2011 that e-cigarettes are affected by the United States Department of Transportation’s ban on in-flight smoking. That is the direct reason you cannot use your e-cigarette on airplanes in the United States.

According to Senator Frank Lautenberg, one of the main reasons for the ban of e-cigarettes on airplanes is that no investigations have been carried out on the long-term effects of e-smoking, and it would not be advisable to subject non-smoking passengers to the unknown effects of e-cigarettes. It is true that many non-smokers are concerned about their health and health risks caused by cigarettes or e-cigarettes are thoroughly avoided.

And it’s unfair to subject others to secondhand smoke in enclosed environments, for example, or to smoke in a rental car that may next be used by a non-smoker. Many of these same compromises will have to be made by e-smokers, as shown by the ban of e-cigarettes on airplanes. Nevertheless, e-smoking remains legal in many places, and in order to prolong as long as possible, e-smokers need to be attentive to others.

If you are around non-smokers and want to light up your e-cigarette, ask the people in your surroundings if they mind. The aspect that you can use your e-cigarette doesn’t always indicate that you should do it, and educating non-smokers about e-cigarettes behaviorisms’ can help ease the fear that many people feel when they face any object that resembles a cigarette.