In fact, e-liquid flavors (simple or compound) can be divided into categories, just like you can accordingly divide into food categories. The most popular wholesale e-juice flavors are dessert, the second place is occupied by fruit ones, the rest of the categories have a limited circle of fans.

The category of dessert flavors includes the most common delicacies: baked goods (pies, cakes and pastries) and dairy desserts (creams, ice cream and the like). To tell the truth, aromas only remotely resemble the declared products. The liquid “with the taste of apple pie” cannot give you the feeling of a piece of cake in your mouth, and the liquid with the scent of ice cream is just barely like real ice cream.

The quality cheap premium vape juice with the dessert smells, however, is very similar to desserts that it imitates. This is again the matter of taste.

It is also necessary to mention three special flavors, often used in the preparation of these desserts: vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

Vanilla is indisputably the most popular flavor the range of vape juice flavors list. This smell has a lot of varieties – vanilla, vanilla seeds, Madagascar vanilla, Tahitian vanilla, vanilla bourbon and so on. And in combination with milk flavors the number of combinations is completely improbable – Bavarian cream, Catalan cream, Viennese cream and many others.

Caramel flavoring provides sweetness, saturation and a pleasant taste to the liquid for e-cigarettes.

Chocolate in all its varieties (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate, truffles, cocoa and so on) is a taste that is loved by almost all people on earth. Unfortunately for vapers, the chocolate flavor is not so easy to reproduce with reference to e-liquid brands.

Fruit flavors follow the dessert ones in popularity. The great advantage of fruit flavors is that they can be reproduced quite accurately, much more accurately than the dessert ones. Premium fruit juice brands are pleasant even with the simplest fruit flavors.

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