6E-liquid brands are the most important consumables, without which the use of e-cigarettes not only makes no sense, but is simply impossible. It is a liquid that has a taste, can contain e-liquid nicotine and is a key element in the functioning of an e-cigarette. Other articles on our website describe in detail the schemes and operating principles of other parts of devices for e-smoking – battery buy vape mods online and evaporators. Here it will be told about all aspects of liquids – composition, e-liquid flavors and much more.

Traditionally, the liquid for e-cigarettes includes the following e-liquid ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerin, distilled water, flavor and liquid nicotine.
Each new brand of liquid in the market of vaping has a certain cycle of popularity. The relevance of the brand is due not only to its advertising and prevalence, but also to real wholesale e-juice flavors, depending on the following list of properties:

Quality and degree of purification of propylene glycol and glycerin (base).
The country of origin of nicotine. Most often the best nicotine sorts are produced in Germany and in the US, less quality nicotine is made in China and India.

The increased content of liquid in the e-cigarette is the best gift for experienced vapers from e-juice wholesale suppliers. This option is available to those who order containers with a content of cheap e-juice 120ml.

Typical features of these refillings for e-cigarettes are cheap premium vape juice for electronic cigarettes, juicy vape juice brands list, which is tempting you to try it with the help of vivid pictures, but it’s all visually, in fact, a very tasty citrus fruit that is worth buying and trying.

The characteristic content of these liquids is:

VG/ PG: 70/30

Объем: 120 ml

Nicotine content: 3mg

Tastes of these premium fruit juice brands:
1: Unforgettable tropical yogurt
2: Fantastic combination of melon and raspberry
3: Smoothies of strawberry-peach
4: Citrus lemonade
5: Strawberry lemonade