5According to e-liquid reviews conducted in 2016, 82% of people who switched to vape juice flavors list are ex-smokers in the past. This is not surprising, because to date, e-liquid brands are the best alternative to classical tobacco smoking. But by switching to e-liquid flavors, newcomers face some difficulties in the operation and maintenance of e-devices for cheap premium vape juice.

And modern e-cigarettes are more like real aggregates with complex built-in electronics. Therefore, very often in the forums you can meet requests in the style: why there is no vapor in an e-cigarette or what to do to increase the vaporization of premium fruit juice brands in an e-cigarette.

First of all, it should be noted that we recommend to all beginners to get familiarized with the principle of the device, even at the initial level. This will help you in understanding the situation or in finding a possible solution to the problem.
Modern e-cigarettes consist of a battery pack and an atomizer. With the battery pack, current flows to the heart of the device – the evaporation element. The evaporator itself is a spiral that warms cotton, impregnated with a special liquid

Therefore, if you notice that the e-cigarette has stopped producing enough vapor, there may be the reasons for the following:

1. The accumulator of the battery pack is discharged and there is not enough voltage to warm up the spiral. Do not allow the battery to completely deplete for the normal operation of the e-cigarette, like any electronic device with the use of best batteries for vaping. Make sure that the discharge depth is not more than 80%.
2. Clogging of the atomizer. It’s no secret that e-cigarette requires maintenance and timely cleaning. As one is vaping, the liquid can accumulated and burn in a spiral or clog the air ducts. As a result, you will not only feel the taste of burning, but also notice a significant reduction in the amount of vapor. In order not to aggravate the situation, clean the atomizer and replace the evaporation element every two weeks. To do this, you should unscrew the atomizer from the battery pack, unscrew the evaporator, rinse the tank under the hot water jet and put a new evaporation element.
3. The reason for a small amount of vapor may be a feature of the composition of the liquid. Liquids, which contain a small percentage of glycerin, are not capable of producing a large volume of vapor. The solution to this problem is to replace the liquid or add it to the existing vegetable glycerin.