One of the advantages of the electronic cigarette is that you can choose from a large number of flavours for your e-liquid.  Each vaper can thus find the taste that corresponds to his desires and which will be by his experience as a vaper .

If you are a beginner vaper, we recommend that you first use an e-liquid with a tobacco taste. However, if you are a lover of fruity or gourmet tastes, prefer these e-liquids for special occasions, for example. Indeed, if you vape a chocolate-flavoured e-liquid all day long (even if chocolate is your indulgence), you risk being quickly sickened. For your “all-day” e-liquid, we recommend a light and neutral flavour. 

However, it is important to vary the tastes so as not to get tired of your liquid. Why not alternate, during the day or each week, between a tobacco taste and a fruity taste?

The best way to find the flavour that suits you is to do the first test by letting yourself be guided by your desires. If you have an explosion of flavours in your taste buds, adopt it!

1. Tobacco e-liquid  for an authentic hit

Tobacco-flavoured e-liquid is the most common because it is the flavour that is closest to traditional cigarettes. There is a wide choice of Tobacco flavoured liquids with flavours of blond, brown, light, normal tobacco, etc. because the manufacturers of e-liquids seek to reproduce the taste of cigarettes from major brands.

The Tobacco flavour e-liquid appears to be the taste that best facilitates the transition between the classic cigarette and the vape. Indeed, the taste of tobacco combined with nicotine is very close to the habits of the smoker. This is the e-liquid that we generally recommend for beginner vapers.

2. Mint E-liquid  for a fresh hit

Another popular flavour is the mint e-liquid range. This is simply explained by the real sensation of freshness in the mouth. There are several variations of power: from simple mint to extra-strong mint for all lovers of frosted vape.

3. Gourmet e-liquid for a hit adapted to your desires

This category of e-liquids offers sweet tastes and a smooth and smooth mouthfeel. Among the favourite flavours of vapers is vanilla which is a familiar flavour with a smooth felt hit and a pleasant smell for all.

The inner child is sure to find what it’s looking for with bubble gum, liquorice and plenty of candy flavours. To avoid getting bored of a gourmet flavour over time, the idea is to alternate with other flavours of liquids.

4. Fruity e-liquid  for a colourful hit

Among the fruity e-liquids preferred by vapers, we find Apple, Lemon and Strawberry flavours. From citrus flavours to red fruit or more exotic tastes, there is something for everyone. Acid, spicy or sweet, there are plenty of possibilities here.

5. E-liquid Drinks for an original hit 

Drink e-liquids offer original and creative tastes. The Cola flavour e-liquid is a great success thanks to its very familiar taste as a famous drink. For most partygoers, there are also flavours with tastes of alcoholic drinks such as the Mojito e-liquid, or the essential Energy drink taste for fatigue.

You can also create your flavour, using a few accessories and mixing several flavours, provided you have skills in electronic cigarettes.

So have you made your choice? Rather Tobacco, Mint, Gourmet or Fruity?