The pleasure of vaping with an e-cigarette largely depends on the quality of the e-liquid. Indeed, the choice of the latter should not be made at random or in haste. With this guide, you will have an easier time finding the right e-liquid for your electronic cigarette.

Nicotine in liquid

It is important to choose the nicotine level carefully before buying an e-liquid. The objective is to obtain a good “hit” with each vaping. Too much nicotine can cause throat discomfort. Also, you won’t be able to take full advantage of the e-cigarette if the nicotine is too low. However, a heavy smoker may seek to buy a stronger nicotine strength than a light smoker. In any case, the feeling of discomfort is normal for a novice smoker. One can always opt for a product with a lower rate if necessary.

Over time, you can perfectly opt for a nicotine salt e-liquid which guarantees a better concentration. In addition to pleasure during vaping, it makes it easy to do without a real cigarette. At the same time, the body will have an easier time absorbing nicotine with this option while avoiding a burning throat. A priori, you just have to adjust the nicotine level according to the evolution of your addiction.

The most important thing is that the product responds to your sensitivity and fully meets your needs.

For more precision, an occasional smoker can choose between a nicotine level of 3 to 6 mg. 

This can range from 6 to 12 mg for a moderate smoker to 12 to 16 mg for a regular smoker. Finally, a major cigarette consumer can choose a nicotine level between 16 to 20 mg. If needed, you can always buy two e-liquids with different concentrations. This is the best way to find the liquid that will allow you to vape comfortably.

The composition of the base

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are the main elements that form the basis of an e-liquid. Generally, the PG guarantees the quality of the hit with each vaping while ensuring the fluidity of the liquid. As for the VG, it ensures the amount of vapour produced by the liquid while avoiding irritating the throat.

Besides, being composed does not harm the performance of the hit without forgetting the flavour of the liquid.

Therefore, it is recommended to carefully check the quantity of PG and VG before buying an e-liquid. For a beginner vaper, it is recommended to choose a liquid with a ratio of 50/50 for PG/VG. In any case, it is best not to go below 50% for the PG. A priori, these two elements have a direct impact on viscosity. In other words, you will have more fluidity with a good amount of propylene in the e-liquid. Also, you might make more vapour if the liquid has too much glycerin.

Choose the e-liquid according to the clearomiser 

The choice of clearomiser is very important before buying an e-liquid. First, the standard clearomiser is perfect for less powerful vaping. The resistance of this type of element heats up at low temperatures because of its size. Be sure that you will not consume a lot of liquid with such an accessory since it is equipped with small openings which limit the absorption of e-liquid. It is recommended to choose a liquid with VG not exceeding 50% with a standard clearomizer. 

This is the best way to feed the resistance well since it will not be subjected to a too viscous liquid.

There is also the sub-ohm clearomiser which offers the pleasure of vaping at high power while enjoying a direct inhalation. For this, expect to spend more on e-liquid while vaping. You should then choose a larger e-liquid bottle. It is not recommended to use fluid that is too fluid to avoid the slightest leak. In other words, it is recommended that you choose a liquid with more than 50% VG. For a better hit, do not hesitate to choose a bottle with a ratio of 20/80. You should know that a sub-ohm clearomizer has large openings to facilitate vaping.

In any case, you are advised to choose a liquid with a PG/VG ratio of 80/20 or 50/50 if the resistance of the e-cigar exceeds 0.75 ohms. For a value lower than 0.75 ohms, it is better to choose a ratio between 50/50 and 1000%. 

The flavour of the liquid 

Do not neglect the flavour of the e-liquid according to your desires and your expectations during vaping. First, you should know that the current market offers several categories of e-liquids. You will have the choice between classic (fresh), fruity, gourmet and minty (tobacco) flavours. Thus, it is recommended to determine your desires as well as your preference before choosing the liquid.

On the other hand, the choice of flavour also depends on the habits of each smoker.

More specifically, the classic blond light liquid is recommended for a smoker of blond or light cigarettes. Besides, a light taste remains the best choice for this. A smoker’s brown cigars can take classic brown liquid. This is also the case for a user of rolling tobacco even if it is possible to find a liquid that almost reproduces the taste of this type of cigarette.

Apart from that, the mint or classic-mint flavour is recommended for those accustomed to menthol cigarettes. This offers a feeling of smoking original cigarettes without having the slightest addiction. In any case, the e-liquid must give you real pleasure with each vaping. 

In addition to the tests, you can change liquid at any time. A priori, we can feel weariness over time if we do not change the flavor for the e-liquid. Therefore, it is worth changing the flavor to avoid the risk of consuming cigarettes again.