The electronic cigarette also called a vaporizer, is an electronic device generating an aerosol intended to be inhaled. It produces vapour visually resembling smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco.

The e-liquid is used to produce the vapour of your electronic cigarette, in other words, if you do not have e-liquid you cannot vape. It is composed of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (GV) and nicotine.

The most popular e-liquid flavours in the markets are PG and GV. These are food additives used in many fields such as cosmetics for example. The choice of your e-liquid is essential because each vaper has different tastes and different needs.

To optimize your e-liquid consumption, you can slightly increase the nicotine dosage for a while so that it is more suited to your needs, you will tend to vape less, and thus limit the over-consumption of e-liquid.

For people who already smoke, the current scientific consensus is to replace cigarettes with vaping because vaping is less harmful. Certainly, the nicotine remains, but the carcinogenic substances present in the cigarette are no longer inhaled.

Indeed, inhaling nicotine, that of conventional cigarettes and those of electronic cigarettes on the same day does not present any particular danger compared to smoking only cigarettes from the tobacco industry.

Electronic cigarettes have many advantages such as:


The e-cigarette is a real alternative to tobacco. You keep the gesture, the pleasure and the nicotine, without the disadvantages of the classic cigarette. There is no combustion, you can, if you wish, gradually decrease or increase the nicotine dosage. The reduction in the risk of cancer is considerable because potentially carcinogenic compounds exist but at an infinitesimal dose, no more than in a cup of coffee.


Indeed, you do not change your habits, you continue to vape instead of smoking. You keep the gestures and the visual pleasure of steam remains the same. The success rate of nicotine patches and other substitutes is 10%. We go to more than 40% of smokers who have completely stopped smoking electronic cigarettes.


Reduction of risks to your health, and that of those around you, in particular your children, spouses, friends and colleagues. No passive smoking. You can vape indoors without disturbing anyone or causing the slightest disturbance. 

The electronic cigarette gives off almost no odour and as regards vapour, it disappears in 7 seconds, unlike the stagnant smoke of tobacco.


Here you no longer need an ashtray, no more tobacco smells in your home, on your clothes or when you talk. Less bulky than a pack of cigarettes No need to search for your lighter, to find a place to crush your cigarette butt.

For example, you no longer have to leave your friends to go smoke, you can continue to take your break with your non-smoking colleagues, without frustration. Your well-being will no longer bother anyone. 


This site is one of its most important aspects. Because you will not notice any yellowing of your teeth, your fingers, or your nails. This product does not damage the skin, it leaves no smell on your clothes and no bad breath.