The beginner or experienced vaper knows it, the maintenance of an electronic cigarette is essential to ensure its proper functioning, good restitution of flavours, and the longevity of the device. Here is how to clean your vape in 5 steps .

Step 1: maintain the drip tip

The first component that seems essential to clean is the drip tip. This mouthpiece that you put in your mouth to inhale the steam can be a nest for germs, and get clogged. Its cleaning is easy to use, since the drip tip is reconstructable, and can therefore be assembled and disassembled easily. 

The drip tip is generally made of resin, pyrex, plastic, stainless steel or even Delrin. Whatever its material of manufacture, it is easily cleaned with lukewarm or cold water (possibly washing-up liquid). It is not recommended to put it under hot water, at the risk of damaging the seals. It must then be dried thoroughly before use.

Step 2: maintain the tank

The tank, or reservoir, corresponds to the part in which we put the e-liquid. Made of pyrex and stainless steel, it also has silicone seals sensitive to hot water. It is therefore advisable to clean the tank with lukewarm or cold water. 

The ideal is to clean the tank each time the vaper changes resistance, to eliminate any dust and dirt lodged in the chimney or even inside the bottle. Vapers will have to dry the vial well before putting it back in the atomizer.

The cleaning of the tank is done in the same way regardless of the e-liquids you use: nicotine level, the dosage of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, additives, aroma…

Step 3: maintain the base of the clearomizer

The base of the clearomiser is an important component, on which we find essential elements of the vape: the thread of the resistance, the pin 510 connection with the battery, and the air inlet of the airflow. And if the air passes through these parts, so does the dust. It is, therefore, necessary to clean each space of the base of the electronic cigarettes with lukewarm water, then dry them well before vaping.

Step 4: maintain resistance

We tend to think that a  disposable consumable that we will only use for a few weeks does not require any maintenance. However, some e-cig smokers think they can improve the longevity of their coils by taking care to clean them. Not everyone agrees on this process, but it doesn’t hurt to wipe the paper towel once in a while. However, be careful not to use water, at the risk of wetting the cotton and damaging it, without even succeeding in cleaning the dirty coil.

Step 5: maintain the battery

Batteries are probably the elements that electronic cigarette smokers handle the most during their vaping sessions. It is also the part containing the electronics of the device. The maintenance of the batteries, therefore, requires special attention, especially if they receive condensed vapour during the vape. 

So we immediately forget the water, which could create a short circuit or oxidize the material. Instead, clean the battery with a wipe or a slightly damp cloth, and pay particular attention to the pin 510 connection. There is indeed dust there that can cut off the contact between the clearomiser and the battery.

For beginners and experienced alike, the electronic cigarette must be  stored in a clean and protected place , in order to be able to vape your favorite flavored liquids in peace.