Cigavette Cuvana Disposable E-Cigar

Cigavette Cuvana Disposable E-Cigar is a real treasure for a real electronic –cigarettes guru. Who says that a disposable e-cigarette needs to imitate real cigarette?

The Cuvana disposable e-cigar might represent a slight price difference, but due to its massive capacity it can function for over 1,000 puffs before it begins to lose its flavor.

This cigar is a product of preference, a product that needs to be added to your daily routine in order to illuminate you space. One might claim it is better smoked when a person is in the mood for something a little different. Then there is a high time for experiencing the flavor of the Cuvana.

Forget about the stink of tobacco smoke on your clothes and in your car. Forget about the worries of yellowing teeth behind.

You can get all of the satisfaction of real, full-strength nicotine in the form of simple vapor all while enjoying your choice of a broad array. Always bear in mind that one disposable electronic cigarette is equivalent to approximately two full packs of classic tobacco cigarettes so you save money as well. The more money you save the more different disposable cigarettes you can afford within a certain time frame. Choose among a variety of flavors in packages in order to meet your individual needs and expectations.