Experiment With E-Liquids

The basic fluid used to create an e-cigarette liquid includes a combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Both substances get activated in vapor quickly and at approximately low temperatures.

However, propylene glycol is a better medium of flavors and vegetable glycerin generates thicker vapor.

To sum it up, the perfect e-liquid for most e-smokers includes a combination of these two substances.

For example, Volcano’s e-liquids include a little bit over 10 percent vegetable glycerin, whereas Halo’s e-liquids contain around 20 percent.

Experiment with various e-liquids to determine your perfect combination, or read e-liquid reviews to see what other e-smokers think of the latest products.

When you read everything carefully, you can stick to one’s preferences, try it on your own and finally choose your lifetime e- liquid. Then the life becomes brighter, you have what you need! Do not lose such an opportunity.