What Kind of E-Liquid it is Better to Choose

Firstly, the liquid for electronic cigarettes vary in nicotine content it is clear by analogy with traditional cigarettes. There are “super light”, “light”, “medium”, “strong” and even some intermediate characteristics. In E-cigarettes the strength is also determined by the content of nicotine. This indicator is usually characterized by the number of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of e-cigarettes liquid.

Secondly, the liquid for electronic cigarettes have different tastes. This is perhaps the most unusual for people who switched from traditional cigarettes to electronic. However, you may not immediately understand and get used to the fact that you can “smoke” not only “tobacco” flavors, but also fruits flavors, berries, or even Coca-Cola, custard or energy drink.

Thirdly, flavors used in e-cigarettes liquids differ not only by tastes, they also can be natural (“organic”) and artificially synthesized.
Common in liquids for electronic cigarettes are their main ingredients. They are the same for all liquids from any manufacturer.
Composition of the liquid for electronic cigarettes is as follows:
– propylene glycol (Traditional reduction PG);
– glycerol (Traditional reduction VG);
– distilled water (Traditional reduction AD).

These ingredients are widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and cooking.
Propylene glycol is used as the main “carrier” of taste in e-juices. Many used in home cooking liquid flavorings are made just on the basis of propylene glycol.
Glycerin is necessary for the formation of a visually noticeable and organoleptically perceptible vapor (that was similar to cigarette smoke).
Distilled water is used to diluting all this mixture of propylene glycol and glycerin, in order to acquire sufficient fluidity of this liquid. Too thick liquid it is uncomfortable to dripping from bottle and the intensity of its flow rate to the wicks is very bad.

The percent essential ingredients can vary. Today there are three basic standards:
– Traditional : PG 55% + VG 35% + AD 10%;
– Ice Blade : PG 95% + AD 5%;
– Velvet Cloud : VG 80% + AD 20%.

Traditional – the ratio of components is called “traditional”, because is suitable for almost all Clearomizers/Atomizers and conditions. It has mid-optimal ratio of taste and vapor.

Ice Blade – contains no glycerin. The steam from such liquid is present, but it is very “dry”. Such e-juice often causes coughing effect (as the sensations from it use are not too pleasant). Typically, such composition is used by people with individual intolerance to glycerol.
Velvet Cloud – opposed to Ice Blade. A lot of steam with poorly transmitted taste, it is too almost not used. As may be by the fans of vapor clouds, tasteless, but showily…

In addition to “standard” compositions there are many recipes in which are used more than in traditional – the glycerin content. For example, a Polish manufacturer Inawera produces “Power Smoke Baza”: PG 50% + VG 41% + AD 9%. Many users mix liquids for electronic cigarettes by their self.