E- liquid 120mlFluids are an generally a subjective topic. Different devices offer different taste.
It’s very simple, e-liquid 120ml and that says it all. Cheap premium vape juice is presented in a 120ml bottle with a tattoo-nose. It is easy to distinguish mixes not only by name, but also by the color of the package. On the package itself is glued a transparent sticker, on which everything is perfectly read. In the foreground is the name e-liquid 120ml and e-liquid flavors, also the ratio PG \ VG is equal to 70 \ 30, composition, warnings and expiration date.
Tests and sensations:
Green – manufacturer description:
Apple strudel with a crispy crust and a slight aroma of cinnamon.
Apple strudel? There is. Crust? There is. Cinnamon is also available.
Sweet, apple pie. We would even say that this taste is the best e-liquid flavor concentrate.
The taste, as many might notice is a little weak; it is the baking that prevails here. Against the background there is an apple with cinnamon.

It is up to a vaper if he/she would be able to vapeit all day, we think cinnamon is the ingredient that plays the main role of liking.
TX is moderate.
Blue – manufacturer description:
Classic blueberry pie.
Well, what can we say, blueberry pie, what else? It is a bit tart with a pleasant aftertaste of blueberries.
The strongest cheap e-juice 120ml:

In the line:

An aromatic and delicate lemon biscuit.
This is the most delicious liquid from this line.
We would even call it not just a lemon biscuit, but a lemon biscuit with lemon cream.
The first time you try this liquid, you will fall into insanity.

As a result:
120 milliliters, simple names, informative labels and all this is demonstrated by e-liquid 120ml! There are no complicated mixes in the line, but this does not allow 120 to be worse than the others. This liquid showed that behind such a modest price tag there can hide a quality and a good product.