Justfog MINIFIT is one of good and decent Juul alternative vape devices.
This is one of the most compact Juul alternative vape devices, but with a good supply of fluid and a fairly large battery. In its segment, the device became a bestseller, despite the long-standing announcement, offering not only a cigarette puff, but also a good balance of price, quality and characteristics. So it makes sense to buy Justfog MINIFIT today.

The subsystem has very modest dimensions: 70 mm in height and 33 mm by 22 mm along the edges. Such dimensions are comparable in length with the average index finger (or even with the “thumb”), so wearing a mod with you is not at all difficult. The MINIFIT Kit case is made of steel, but has plastic inserts, so it will be difficult to break it – steel gives strength, and plastic inserts absorb shock when dropped.
MyBlu Black is one of good and decent Juul alternative vape devices that has become one of the budget POD systems with a tight puff, which is nevertheless equipped with a good battery and fast charging. Despite the rapid development of the compact electronic cigarette segment, MyBlu remains relevant to this day, and that’s why.

The Mai Blue case of the black version is made of steel, which is not often found in a similar class, and its dimensions are 10 mm by 19 mm along the edges and 106 mm in height, and this roughly corresponds to the size of a regular pen.
Eleaf Elven POD, equipped with the ability to adjust the tightening, vertical spirals and steel casing is one of good and decent Juul alternative vape devices. This is a device with a good balance of price / functionality, backed up by an eminent brand, so that a middle ground is reached among budget podcasts.
The Eleaf Elven Juul alternative vape devices are made of stainless steel, which gives the case strength and endurance, and their dimensions are 100 mm in height and 10 mm by 20 mm along the edges, so that the pod can be hidden in an average palm.