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Many beginner vapers think that doing tricks with an electronic cigarette is difficult. In fact, if you start with simple but effective tricks, everything will surely work out. With their implementation, most tricks of a higher level begin.

Vape-tricking begins with the rings – it’s simple and effective. The trick allows you to learn to control your lips and larynx well when smoke is released. You only need to have desire and vape (for example, you can buy iJust S or Joyetech with mods for vape tricks as models that stand out among analogues by their simplicity of design, reliability, and long service life). You need to act in this sequence:
Draw vapor into the lungs (often problems arise at this stage, but a little practice is enough to make it work);
Make a deep puff;
Release a third of the vapor to the side (it is imperative that then the rings do not get lost in the cloud);
Fold tight lips in the shape of the letter “O”;
A sharp, short exhalation from the lungs, similar to a cough (the tongue should be pressed to the lower jaw, and the lips to the teeth).

These mods for vape tricks are used for the Waterfall or “French breath”
This technique is not based on the exhalation of rings, and you must have seen it with popular trickers. Repeating it yourself is not difficult at all.
A popular trick among adherents of a slightly different culture is the rastamans. But with a powerful vape, you can achieve a more spectacular reception. In order to make a “waterfall”, inhale the vapor and hold it in the oral cavity for a few seconds. Put your lower lip forward slightly and cover the jaw itself.