The best Juul competitors are Stig, myblu and 1K devices.
VGOD STIG is ideal for those who have long wanted to try to vape on the pod system, but too lazy to bother with Pod cartridges. The STIG model is a kind of kick in the past days straight to disposable batteries and to one-offs with automatic tightening.

Pod Stig has no buttons, there is no way to recharge or refuel itself. But it is able to automatically generate vapor when you puff, thereby simulating as closely as possible the puff of a real cigarette as the best Juul competitors are able to.

This electronic cigarette is also convenient in that it has a compact size. The capacity of the cartridge is 1.2 ml – it is not refillable and not replaceable. This volume of liquid is enough for about 270 puffs. The strength of the nicotine salt in the cartridge is 60 mg / ml.
The VGOD STIG Disposable Pod System is an ideal cigarette puff vape device. Cartridges are available in four flavors: Cubano, Lush Ice, Mighty Mint, Tropical Mango
We introduce to you the myblu, one of the best Juul competitors! A convenient solution without extra buttons and settings, a powerful vapor supply system, compact size, effective disclosure of taste. The capacious battery charges in just 20 minutes from a convenient micro-USB cable and is easily enough all day long – so you can quickly prepare for any life turns. Connecting the cartridge in one motion allows you to change flavors instantly: just insert the capsule and enjoy! A wide palette of exquisite tastes will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated vaper. Just choose the mixture to your taste from our range of original tobacco, invigorating menthol and interesting fruit flavors.

1K Device is a pod system and one of the best Juul competitors launched by Kilo, a well-known American manufacturer of vaping liquids. A common recent practice is the production of closed-type pod systems for vapor generation by large fluid manufacturers. The example of Nasty Juice, which presented the entry-level set of NCIG, is quite indicative.
Kilo 1K Device is an entry-level device that is compact and easy to use. Stylish, slim, small nicotine delivery system, lightweight and easy to use. What you need is for beginners who want to easily and painlessly switch to an alternative way of saturating the body with nicotine. They should buy the Kilo 1K Device kit.