Over time, each vaper has a desire to create his unique taste. This may be due to the fact that some vapers are vaping too much, and the liquid consumption is high. Homemade liquid for e-cigarettes allows you to cut costs for buying a branded product at times, and the quality of such a liquid is much better. Nothing complicated. All one need is a bit of care and a lot of accuracy. Go for it! Nobody except you can make the liquid for refilling your e-cigarette tastes better than you do!

You want to make your own best e-liquid flavor concentrate using the vape flavors diy method.
Composition of Traditional Mixture:
– Propylene glycol;
– Vegetable glycerin;
– Distilled water;
e-liquid nicotine.
Such cheap premium vape juice means the optimal combination of vapor quantity, top vape flavors and sensations.

There are other options for free vape juice.
Ice Blade mix composition:
95% of Propylene glycol
5% of Distilled water
Sensations are more similar to smoking. Ther is produced less vapor.

Velvet cloud mix composition:

80% of Vegetable glucerin

20% of Distilled water


Gentle vapor, not pronounced throat hit, weak taste. E-liquid ingredients are of vegetable origin only. It is recommended for individual intolerance to propylene glycol. More pronounced base smell.

To avoid incorrect estimates of product quality, we will reveal some secrets. Any base has a smell and taste. One should not think that the base is neutral in taste sensations, like water. If you previously used only ready-made liquids, their taste and smell were formed wit the help of the taste / smell of the base used by the manufacturer of the finished liquid. Perhaps you are accustomed to another basis, and your brain simply filters out the sensations from it.