Mods for vape tricksThe ability to make vape tricks is an interesting and useful skill that can be demonstrated in the company of friends by means of the mods for vape tricks. Rich and dense vapor of an electronic cigarette is great for such tricks.
At first glance, this may seem complicated, but in fact it is not. We offer to understand this issue.
How to learn to make rings out of smoke? First steps.

You will need: vape, good manure and free time for training. Fully charge the battery of your device beforehand.

There are several ways to make rings from vape smoke by using the mods for vape tricks. Here is the simplest one that will require a minimum of effort and time:
stretch out your lips like the letter “O”;
put the tongue as if in the center of this ringlet;
with each exhalation, with intense movements, push out the vapor.
At the first stage, the main thing is to understand the principle of actions, to understand the “physics” of this process, and also to carefully work out the setting of lips.
In the second method, how to start rings with a vape, the tongue does not participate. It is more complicated, but it definitely deserves attention – the rings appear faster and more spectacularly. Algorithm of actions:

get more vapor in your mouth;
fold lips together;
strain the tongue and press down; it will not participate in the process;
tighten your lips and stretch forward;
vigorously and abruptly push out steam.
Another way to make vape rings is quite complicated, but the result will be beautiful and spectacular:
collect more steam in the oral cavity;
the lips are rounded, you do not need to strain them strongly;
You will not be able to become a stunt guru right away – the main thing is not to give up and practice more often, as well as train your mouth muscles and tongue. For clarity, you can refer to the video tutorials recorded by experienced vapers. They are familiar with such tricks and tell you how to properly launch rings from a vape, and also help to avoid annoying mistakes.