It’s very simple, it is cheap e-juice 120ml and that says it all. Cheap premium vipe juice is presented in a bottle of 120ml. It is is easy to distinguish between e-liquid brands not only by name, but also by the color of the package. It is glued a transparent sticker on the package, on which everything is perfectly read. In the foreground there is the name of e-liquid 120ml and its e-liquid flavors and e-liquid ingredients, as well as the ratio of PG \ VG equal to 70 \ 30, warnings and expiration date.

Well, as for the tastes and sensations, then you can find anything for yourself. Here are just some examples:

Apple strudel with a crispy crust and a slight aroma of cinnamon.
Apple strudel? There is such one available. Crust? There is. Cinnamon is also available.
Sweet apple pie. We would even say that this taste is the best e-liquid flavor concentrate.

The taste, as for many vapers, is a little weak, it is baking that prevails here. Against the background there is an apple with cinnamon.
We would not be able to vape it all day, we think it’s because of cinnamon.
TH is moderate.
Blue – manufacturer description:
Classic blueberry pie.
Well, what can wesay, blueberry pie, what else? It is a bit tart with a pleasant aftertaste of blueberries.

Some vaper are not fans of blueberry pies, but many liked this one.
it will suit a permanent basis for blueberry lovers.
The strongest cheap e-juice 120 ml in the line.
Yellow – manufacturer’s description:
Aromatic and delicate lemon biscuit.
Oh yeah, this is the most delicious liquid from this line.

120 milliliters mean simple names, informative labels and all this cheap premium vape juice.