If you have already started DIY but want to go even further, we suggest you discover DIY e-liquid additives.

What is an e-liquid additive?

An additive for e-liquid will allow you to add an extra touch to your preparations. It can play on the taste but also on the sensations felt.

Contrary to what one might think, it is not so complicated to use additives for e-cigarettes.

Each vape additive is different but they all have one thing in common: powerful, they must be dosed sparingly. 

What is a DIY additive for e-liquid used for?

The feelings

The Koolada

It is an odourless DIY additive, so it will not alter the flavour of your vape aromas. It will add a touch of freshness to the exhale. Very pleasant with fruity blends, it can also help to enhance menthol aromas. We advise you to dose it at approximately 10 drops per 10 ml.


It exists in different forms and also under different names depending on the brand of vaper. It can be in a liquid state (menthol crystals diluted in PG ) or in the form of crystals to be dissolved, allowing you to create your additive directly. More powerful than the Koolada, it will bring more freshness to the throat and a minty taste to your recipes.


This additive for e-cigarette will make your taste buds sparkle and allows sweet and original mixtures. In addition to bringing a tangy side to your preparations, it will give this sparkling side of candy. Delicious with cola or fruity aroma, we recommend 1 drop for 10 ml.

The Sweetener 

Perfect in gourmet and/or fruity preparations, the Sweetener is the real sugar bowl of the vape. A few drops will allow you to add a sweet note to your recipes. To be dosed in moderation, all you have to do is add a few drops as the tests progress.

Other e-liquid additives have this sweetening power, with its cotton candy side.

Acetyl Pyrazine 

Highly appreciated by DIYers creating e-liquids with tobacco flavours, Acetyl Pyrazine brings a smoky flavour to your recipes. Its little note of gluttony will remind some of the flavours of grilled hazelnut. To be dosed from one to two drops for 10 ml. 

For those wishing to bring more hits to their e-liquid, there are also additives for vaping. The Flash is the perfect example. Very practical, it can allow you to lower the nicotine level of your liquid while keeping this phenomenon of contraction of the muscles of the throat. It is however to be dosed very lightly, 1 to 2 drops for 10 ml will suffice. 

 The flavours

Flavour enhancer 

  • Vanillin is a very good flavour enhancer and also sweetens and adds a slight vanilla flavour to your DIY e-liquids. It can be used as a flavour alone or as an additive, and in the first case, it is to be dosed very sparingly, being able to give a bitter taste at too high a dose. The recommended dosage is between 4 to 15 drops depending on the desired effect.
  • Ethyl Maltol is the ultimate flavour enhancer for candy lovers. In addition to sweetening your preparations, it brings this slight taste of cotton candy which will give any fruity flavour this note of acid candy. By doing it between 2 to 8 drops it will bring the sweet side, dosed more strongly you will be able to find the taste of cotton candy.
  • Ethyl Vanillin, in addition to adding a small note of vanilla and sugar, will allow you to round off your fruity, vanilla or yoghurt and cream-based aromas.
  • There are also woody or spicy flavour enhancers. They will bring strength and smoke to your recipes, especially to your tobacco e-liquids.
  • Cream or yoghurt-type flavourings, which can be used alone, are also ideal as additives. They will add a touch of creaminess and smoothness to your gourmet recipes.