Follow the electronic cigarette guide! Today, I will be your vape advisor! Thanks to each electronic cigarette advice that I can give you here, you can be sure to answer your biggest question: which vape to choose or which vape to buy? Indeed, choosing the right electronic cigarette, whether you want to start in the vape or find the best electronic cigarette 2022 that makes the most vapour, will depend on a few points that will be specific to you.

Where to buy a vape?

Which electronic cigarette to choose to start and to quit smoking?

An electronic cigarette, which one to choose for an expert vaper or an expert vaper?

Shopping guide: what is the best brand of electronic cigarettes?

Are you having a problem using your CE? I will give you tips and tricks to facilitate the maintenance and use of your vape!

Where to buy a vape / electronic cigarette?

I can only recommend that you buy a vaporizer in a specialized physical store or on a specialized online electronic cigarette purchase site.

Which vaper to choose to quit smoking / to start?

In this part, I will direct you to the choice of an electronic cigarette for beginners and thus advise you to get started in the vape. I know that when you are looking to start in the vape, the price of an electronic cigarette can get stuck. We often want to start with the cheapest cigarette kit possible. But even if we are often asked for advice on a vaper for 10€, I can only recommend that you calculate what the classic cigarette costs you ;). Go on the purchase a quality electronic cigarette for successful weaning and quitting smoking! Let’s go by profile: 

Buy an easy-to-use electronic cigarette: let’s go for a cheap beginner electronic cigarette! It will therefore be a vape with an integrated rechargeable battery, an indirect inhaling vape (like a cigarette) and with little adjustment. Which electronic cigarette does 2022 offer you? Well, to start, buying a Zelors Nano Aspire vape, a Geekvape G18 vape or a cheap Go Z Pen Innokin vape kit should fill you up and help you quit smoking. One button to vape, small electronic cigarette and indirect inhalation: the winning trio to know how to choose your e-cigarette! And to become even more knowledgeable about the vape, our article on which e-liquid to choose for which vaper can be of great help to you.

But you also have the option of choosing a maintenance-free electronic cigarette, which is still just as easy to use. Your choice could then be on a practical electronic cigarette, such as vapers with a disposable clearomizer. In this category, I can recommend you to choose to buy a cheap Acro Smok Pod Kit, Go S Innokin Vapor Kit or even Wpuff Disposable Vapes.

My e-cigarette leaks and I swallow e-liquid

Do you have a problem with your purchase of a rechargeable vape and you swallow liquid? The resistance is surely drowned: you must then feel a “gurgle” on the suction and observe leaks by the airflow and/or the drip tip.

  • 1 or more seals of the clearomiser are missing or badly positioned: the balance of the play of pressure inside the clearomiser is then broken, and you can observe leaks everywhere.
  • the airflow is set too wide compared to the voltage/power sent by the battery: the liquid then arrives too quickly in the resistance compared to the vaporization.
  • you have changed the liquid without modifying the setting: Propylene Glycol (PG) is rather liquid, and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is very viscous: the proportions of PG and VG can vary from one e-liquid to another, causing the need to adjust settings to maintain proper operation.
  • the clearomiser is too tight: the play of pressure allowing the coil to absorb the e-liquid without drowning is fragile, and tightening the tank too tightly on the base may be enough to break it.

My battery no longer delivers current

The problem can then come from many sources:

  • The battery can simply be locked, see its CE 2022 guide for how to unlock (often three consecutive presses of the fire button)
  • The battery can also be discharged, it is then necessary to operate a complete recharge.
  • The resistor may be in a short circuit, the battery then goes into safety and no longer delivers current, it is then necessary to change the resistor.
  • The connection between the battery and the clearomiser may be insufficient: some batteries have a fixed positive stud, and this can be pressed. It is then advisable to gently raise the positive terminal of the battery using a mini flat screwdriver. It’s an easy, simple and tricky operation: raising the positive pad too much can damage the solder underneath.