The electronic cigarette is now an integral part of our daily lives, almost comparable to the classic cigarette. The rapid democratization of the product, accompanied by certain received ideas that surround it, too often excludes the primordial idea that the electronic cigarette is intended above all for smokers. More specifically, to people who want to quit smoking using a tool that allows them to do so with the least difficulty possible.

But why make this change?


If for the moment it is impossible to affirm that the electronic cigarette is completely harmless, it has been shown by several studies that the use of an e-cigarette is, at least, 95% less dangerous for health than the act of smoking traditional cigarettes.

In addition to the approximately 4,000 toxic substances present in a cigarette, potentially carcinogenic, inhaling smoke is the consequence of the combustion of tobacco. Combustion at the origin of the production of carbon monoxide, fine particles and tar which are the main carcinogenic substances resulting from smoking.

The electronic cigarette has recourse to vaporization (the “smoke” that one inhales is a vapour), this risk is considerably reduced if not eliminated.

By opting for vaping, and using quality equipment and e-liquids, the risks of inhaling toxic products and, consequently, of developing serious pathologies are considerably reduced.

In practice, an individual can see real improvements in their state of health very quickly after quitting smoking using a vaping device, easily measurable in terms of, in particular, breath, cough, flavours, smell and skin.


All smokers with a real addiction to tobacco, and who have already tried to quit, know it very well: quitting smoking does not necessarily happen overnight, and even less easily.

The E-cigarette has been specifically designed to allow this transition and make it as easy as possible.

All the effectiveness of an e-cigarette, compared to other weaning methods, lies in the fact that it represents a credible and comparable alternative to conventional cigarettes. This effectively allows you to keep your gestures, habits, reflexes, sensations and, of course, nicotine, without suffering the harmful effects of smoking.

It’s a bit like “smoking”, without smoking!

Psychologically, the transition thus becomes easier since there is no longer any obligation to “give up one’s old life as a smoker” but a possibility of adjusting it. The use of an electronic cigarette also offers the possibility of modifying, and therefore adjusting with a certain precision, its nicotine dosage. This type of adjustment will therefore have the virtue of sticking as close as possible to each profile to optimize this transition.


Another important problem with tobacco: it impacts the smoker, of course, but also the people around him.

Passive smoking, which consists of involuntarily inhaling the smoke given off by smokers, is not only a sign of discomfort but also of real risks to the health of those who are subjected to it. Passive exposure to smoke can thus lead to significant increases in pathological risks in children and infants (respiratory failure, recurrent ear infections, asthma attacks, etc.) and serious pathologies in all populations (cancers, coronary accidents, etc.).

The electronic cigarette, by its very principle of operation which is to produce steam, thus excludes by nature the risks inherent in combustion for his relatives and the close entourage. The vapour thus inhaled and then released disappears at 95% in less than a minute, almost 100 times faster than tobacco smoke and above all does not contain carbon monoxide, tar or fine particles, produced by the combustion of tobacco.

Only then can persist a potential discomfort caused by the use of flavours with persistent odours, not necessarily to everyone’s tastes.

It is then easily possible to remedy this concern by choosing, for use near other people, discreet flavours or even odourless ones, such as tobacco flavours for example.


In addition to being harmful, smoking has outrageously harmful effects on the wallet. A person smoking more than twenty cigarettes a day can thus spend up to 300 euros per month, or even much more if the consumption is even greater.

Which annually can correspond to a budget of 3500 to 4000 €!

If the use of an e-cigarette requires an initial investment, ranging from €20 for an entry-level model to €80-100 for more advanced equipment, i.e. less than a cartridge of cigarettes, the savings made subsequently are real and substantial.

With an effective vaping device and an appropriate nicotine dosage, the overall budget – e-liquid + coils – of a former one-pack-per-day smoker should be around €80 to €100 per month.

That’s nearly 4 times cheaper than the act of smoking tobacco!


For many smokers, smoking is a pleasure. The pleasure is provided mainly by nicotine and the sensations it brings.

In terms of taste, this pleasure is limited to the different varieties of tobacco that make up each cigarette and/or to the additives added, more or less toxic, to broaden this limited aromatic palette.

The use of a vaporizer allows, for its part, to expand this gustatory pleasure to practical infinity.

The pleasure provided by nicotine can thus be maintained, depending on the dosage that is chosen, embellished with a variety of flavours made available to vapers which are only limited by the imagination of e-liquid designers.

It is thus possible, with an e-cigarette, to vape sober tobacco flavours, simple fruity or gourmet vapours, complex combinations or improbable mixtures which will constitute the daily vape of each vaper. The diversity of aromas, natural or synthetic, used for the development of e-liquids allows as many combinations as there are vapers…

Another pleasure appreciated by some vapers: productions of vapour much greater than what a traditional cigarette can produce in smoke.

Depending on the model of e-cigarette chosen, it will thus be possible to be discreet or to reject large clouds of dragons…

The object itself can provide aesthetic, technical, practical or ergonomic pleasure. Again, the models of e-cigarettes are currently so numerous that there is necessarily something for everyone.

In general, vaping opens up real paths to pleasures that conventional cigarettes do not allow.


Even though some cigarettes are made without added additives, there remains the problem of combustion and the toxic substances that are produced and inhaled.

The great diversity of e-liquid brands present on the market allows a sharp choice of products that one wishes to use, or not, in the act of vaping.

And therefore to choose the type of ingredients that will suit us or correspond according to different criteria such as:

  • E-liquids in natural flavours: the flavours providing the flavour come from nature and are therefore not synthetic reproductions.
  • E-liquids without synthetic additives: you can choose to refuse anything that for many may seem superfluous, and above all uncertain in terms of potential danger, such as flavour enhancers, freshness agents, colouring agents, sweetening agents, etc.
  • 100% vegetable base: there are e-liquid manufacturing processes that do not use propylene glycol from petrochemicals but either Vegetol or MPGV, both of 100% vegetable origin.
  • Organic: although to date there is no organic standard adaptable to the world of vaping, some manufacturers are beginning to integrate ingredients from organic farming (MPGV, natural flavours, vegetable glycerin, etc.)
  • Choice of origin manufacturing: French manufacturers are numerous and have an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality.

There are therefore many reasons for deciding to use an electronic cigarette.

But it should not be forgotten that all these reasons mentioned are ultimately only secondary.

Above all, these are means that should make it possible to meet the main objective, which is, of course, to put an end to tobacco.

Less harmful certainly, practical, easy to use, much less expensive, more pleasant, more flexible, safer, healthier. the advantages implied by the transition to the electronic cigarette are numerous and its comparative advantages compared to the cigarette classic are undeniable!

Whether you decide to try it to reduce your cigarette consumption or as real support to quit permanently, all the reasons will be good to take and its effectiveness is no longer to be proven.

However, to achieve this, it will be necessary to arm oneself with an essential element without which success will not be complete; Willingness!

If the e-cigarette is excellent support on which to rely, it is in no way a magic object that will do everything!