To start vaping, the question arises of which e-liquids for electronic cigarettes to choose. The choice of tastes is huge. It’s nice when you know a little about it, but at first, it’s confusing. So, are there any flavours that work better for starters? Spoiler Alert: yes!

What are the types of tastes of e-liquids?

It is the aromatics that make up the taste of e-liquids, from aromatic molecules. Potentially, they can do anything. A crab salad? They can (it’s not good, nobody does that, but it is possible). Granny’s pie? They know how to do it. A red fruit candy? Easy. A peach yoghurt? No problem. A blond Virginia tobacco with a bit of burley? This is the basis for them. And nothing prevents them from creating blond tobacco, with cookie chips, vanilla and coconut. This is delicious.

To simplify your choices, online shops sort e-liquids by gender, for example:

  • Classics (tobacco flavours).
  • Fruity 
  • Fresh (with a cooling effect on inhalation)
  • Sweets (candies and sweets)
  • Gourmands (pastry recipes).
  • Beverage (hot or cold)

Which e-liquids do smokers choose to start with?

Statistics show that the vast majority of smokers who start vaping choose three flavours of e-liquid:

  • Tobacco flavours
  • Mint flavours
  • Fruity flavours

Why do these taste rather than others?

There are three main reasons, quite logical when you think about it. 

The familiarity with flavours

When you are a smoker, you are used to choosing two flavours: tobacco and mint. As quitting smoking is not so obvious, it is quite logical to go through a stage where we keep the flavours we are used to. It helps to pass the course.

The simplicity of taste

As you know, when you smoke, your sense of taste takes a hit. The good news is that it comes back quite quickly when you quit smoking completely. It only takes a few weeks. But at first, a smoker cannot feel the subtlety of the most elaborate e-liquids. It is, therefore, better to choose e-liquids with simple recipes.

The lack of fatigue

At first, most vapers a little more than they smoked. It’s normal, it doesn’t last long, the time to get used to it and to find the right level of nicotine. As a result, gourmet or very sweet recipes are all very well, they’re good when you taste them, but all day long? To start the electronic cigarette, these e-liquids can be boring, even a little disgusting in the long run. It is, therefore, better to choose e-liquids with light flavours, to be able to vape them all day. Those that vapers call “AllDay”.

This is where fruity e-liquids come into play: they are light, and their taste is pleasant without being boring. It is a good alternative for smokers who wish to get away from the taste of tobacco more quickly, and/or who do not like mint.

The right proportion to choose your first e-liquids

Finding the right e-liquid for you is a simple proportion, based on three criteria:

  • A familiar flavour you like in real life.
  • A simple flavour is a time that your sense of taste regains its capacities.
  • A light flavour, not too sweet, nor too greedy.

It is for this reason that classic, minty and fruity e-liquids are the most appreciated. They meet the three criteria of the equation. But there are others: some manufacturers offer gourmet e-liquids light enough to be vaped without fatigue.

Classic flavours (tobacco): the most reassuring

Classic e-liquids are therefore the e-liquids most chosen by smokers who use electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. It makes sense to reduce the transition. You should know that e-liquids are more interesting than tobacco. It doesn’t reproduce the smells of a cigarette, since there is no combustion. Rather, they offer the taste of tobacco itself, before being burned. It’s a bit surprising at first and very soon it’s better than a cigarette.

The most represented e-liquids are dry blond tobacco, those of American blond cigarettes, such as FRK and FR4 from Alfaliquid, or Mozambique from Pulp. But if you prefer flavoured tobacco, English style, rolling tobacco, or even dark cigarettes or cigars, there are e-liquids for you. Blend of blond and brown tobacco. Classic fruity like FRM from Afaliquid, with notes of red fruits. A little greedy tobacco, which offers notes of caramel and hazelnut. 

Our advice: start with simple classic flavours, close to your habits with cigarettes. Then, after a few weeks, explore richer flavours to renew your vaping pleasure. 

Menthol flavours: long live the freshness

The mint flavours are also very familiar, and not overwhelming (when you like that taste, of course). In addition, they pleasantly refresh the mouth. It is therefore the other frequent choice of smokers who are starting, sometimes in addition to a classic e-liquid, for a change.

Flavorists have gradually developed a wide range of mint e-liquids, more or less fresh, inspired by the different varieties of the plant: peppery, hairy, sweet, fresh, icy, polar… Mint also goes very well with other scents, such as eucalyptus, lemon, or cactus. Yes, yes, the cactus is excellent. Of course, you can also find very sweet mint teas, and menthol tobacco, a great classic.

My advice: if you like mint, you will love these e-liquids. Just take care to choose their level of freshness: too strong an effect can be tiring.

Fruity flavours: nature offered

E-liquids with fruity flavours form a whole universe, very familiar since it refers to our daily experience, through fruits themselves, fruit yoghurts, desserts, and fruit juices. Most are light and sweetish, so you can vape them without getting bored.

To choose a fruity e-liquid, at first, choose an e-liquid with a single fruit or two. It’s magic when your sense of taste recovers to approach fruity mixtures.

To choose your taste just follow your natural taste for the fruits you know.

Finally, if you appreciate the flavour of red fruits, do not hesitate for a second. Try for example Red or Purple Oil from Fruity Fuel, the essential Red Astaire from T Juice(slightly minty), or the Heisenberg from Vampire Vape. They have great success with vapers, and it’s not for nothing.

Our advice: do you like fruit yoghurts? Take your favourite flavours in the e-liquid version: you will love it. 

Can we start with gourmet e-liquids, sweets or drinks?

After having mentioned the three types of e-liquids most chosen by beginner vapers, what about the other three? Are they really to be avoided when starting?

Yes and no. The idea is that most beginner vapers appreciate these flavours for a few minutes, but not for a long time. Moreover, most cannot perceive its subtlety until they have regained a sharper sense of taste. It is for these reasons that we often advise against these flavours to start vaping.

But what is true for most people is not necessarily true for you. It may be one of these e-liquids that help you the best to quit smoking. They should not, therefore, be dismissed without discussion.

So let’s take the time to get to know them better, to choose them, or set them aside, with full knowledge of the facts.

  • The candy e-liquids offer you the taste of candy. They can be caramel or liquorice, but most are fruit-based, being sweeter than fruity e-liquids. It’s this sweet side that can be boring after a few hours unless you love sugar. In this case, go for it: they are sweets, without the risk of cavities or kilos. 
  • E-liquid drinks include a wide variety of flavours, from coffee to exotic cocktails, including hot or fresh tea (ice tea). A Mojito e-liquid, for example, is very pleasant (and often slightly fresh). The question is, are you going to enjoy vaping mojitos all day?
  • Finally, gourmet e-liquids are, for many experienced vapers, the culmination of vaping. These are powerful, rich, subtle, and often quite sweet e-liquids. It’s your favourite pastry in your vape tank. By choosing such an e-liquid at the beginning, the risk is that you will not perceive its subtlety, your sense of taste is still altered, and it will tire you after a few hours, with its richness.

Two tips for making the right choice among these e-liquids: 

  1. To start, choose fairly simple e-liquids, and not too sweet. The “la chose” e-liquid is a good example: it is gourmet, but not very sweet, and not too strong. 
  2. Some vapers use tricks, using two kits. The first contains a classic e-liquid for example, for a gourmet vape when they feel like it. But the second contains a lighter e-liquid, to vape all day long. It’s clever!

Long story short: What are the best e-liquids to start vaping?

When we consider vaping to quit smoking, we first ask ourselves the question of the best possible electronic cigarette. It is logical, but in fact, it is not the most important. Today, all e-cigarettes work well. Even the most modest one can help you quit smoking peacefully. The real secret to the effectiveness of vaping to manage smoking cessation is the e-liquid, these aromas, and its nicotine level. Nicotine prevents you from feeling cravings, it gives you the strength to quit cigarettes and their toxic smoke. The flavours allow you to achieve your withdrawal by enjoying the pleasure of feeling familiar or exotic flavours, according to your tastes.

Thanks to e-liquid, it is possible to quit tobacco with pleasure, and that changes everything.