E-liquids are similar to pizza toppings, they are all good, but we always have our favorites. You need to spend a lot of time in order to find your favorite e-liquid flavors, but when you find them – you will be pleased. So what do your e-liquid brands say about you?

If you are a fan of the original e-liquid ‘tobacco’, then this can only mean that you are a traditionalist, and know exactly what you want from your electronic cigarette. You do not have time to come up with new mixtures of free vape juice; you need an electronic cigarette that clearly performs its work. You love things that are well-made and reliable, as well as special, well-regulated and organized. You have a strong will and own opinion. That is, if you want a blueberry cake, you will inhale wholesale e-juice flavors with its flavor.

If you like the menthol flavor, then you’re somewhere in spirit a little hippie. You are free and relaxed; you get along well with people and are quite popular among friends. You like vaping wholesale e-juice flavors with your friends and talking with people on the topic of vaping. For you, there is nothing better than chatting over a cup of coffee with a friend, using an electronic cigarette with the taste of menthol.

Vanilla does not mean boring contrary to popular belief. In fact, vapers who prefer vanilla are often adventurous, daring, sexual, find a common language simply and easily with each person. They enjoy all the best that life offers them – the best restaurants and bars, designer shops and boutiques, etc. The sweet taste of premium fruit juice brands reflects your magnetic personality – if you use vanilla aroma of e-liquid, then you are very attractive to the opposite sex.

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