Relx may be a unit for tenderfoots within the unit format of the framework from Relx Tech, a modern yearning player within the showcase of electronic cigarettes. The producer centered on closed-type cartridge unit frameworks that are in tall request within the advertising as high-quality Juul Alternative devices. Relx is one of the finest pod systems within the vaping world, which can take off a charming impression of vaping with the assistance of the leading technology and plan. These are Juul Alternative gadgets. Cartridges impeccably pass on the genuine taste. One RELX cartridge fundamentally replaces 3 packs of cigarettes. On the off chance that you smoke 1 pack of cigarettes per day, at that point the RELX case cartridge is sufficient for 3-5 days. The producer gives 7 tastes and you’ll select the foremost appropriate for you. 350Mah battery capacity with uniform steam ought to final for almost one full day. Too, the gadget underpins a charge from MicroUSB.

Component Resistance:


Weight: 200g Cartridges are not included, you’ll be able buy them separately.

• Feelm teating innovation: a high-quality ceramic vaporizer with inventive atomization technology.

• Moderate plan, no buttons or switches, ultra-portable and simple to utilize. Rechargeable by means of Miniaturized scale USB

• Fixed, total Case framework, lowest risk of liquid leakage.

• Simple to function: Fair embed the cartridge and enjoy.

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Vaping is as essential and as immediate as it will in general be. Notwithstanding whether you’re new to vaping or are starting at now as readied vaper, you’re sure to find the fitting and-play plan of the contraption easy to use and lively to displace cartridges.

The Relx device itself is slight and is given in an honest dull concealing. Not in any manner like various other vaping cigarettes and vaping contraptions, which are huge and blundering to tolerate, the Relx device is slight and businesslike for vaping in a rush.

Thus, Relx is one of the best Juul alternative devices for vaping that is proposed to make your vaping really keen. Presently you can vape brilliant sticks loaded up with electronic fluids that resemble USB drives.