In this article, we will consider the top Juul competitors.

We will consider only well-known brands that have been on the market for more than a year, and their products that have passed a certain test of time, and are recognized by the vast majority as top-end devices.

We will also take into account not only technical specifications, but will also be based on the cost of the device that has become one of the top Juul competitors.

Ego Aio.

This device has long been on the vaping market, and during this time we have not seen any particular competitors of this model, apparently other manufacturers have come to terms with the fact that there is already a leader in this segment, which will be almost impossible to change. Joyetech has released a continuation of this electronic cigarette in the face of D16, D22, Pro as top Juul competitors, but still you consider the original version to be the standard. With small sizes, AIO has excellent functionality and is very convenient to use. It is clear that this device is not able to “pile” a cloud of vapor, but to replace analog cigarettes; in this price category you will not find a better device.

Eleaf Ijust S.

The most popular electronic cigarette of 2016 and it is not for nothing that competitors continue to produce “Ijust S Killers”, trying to move Just from his podium, but at least for now, they have failed.

And this is understandable why, because the battery is 3000 mAh, + a delicious tank with excellent evaporators, convenient gas station and a reliable button. As a result, thousands of happy owners receive the joy of soaring and maintenance. In addition, being the best in its category, Ijust S is also cheaper than its competitors.

Eleaf Istick Pico / Pico Dual.

We put these devices in one place, since with noticeable improvements in Pico Dual, all the same devices are quite similar and do not differ very much in price. At one time, Pico was a real breakthrough among stealth format devices. Despite its tiny size, it could boast of a 18650 battery inside and a reliable 75W power board. The dual is a continuation of glorious traditions, but due to the two batteries inside it can offer the user greater autonomy. Another factor that unites these sets is the Melo 3 tank, which gives out a large amount of taste and vapor.