With the evolution of vaping equipment, we realize that many “beginners” unknowingly find themselves with very powerful equipment during their first purchase. 

This can cause some problems, including coughing when using it.  

Explanation and solution to fix this.

To put it simply: the reason why an electronic cigarette can make you cough is a bad compromise between the power of the cigarette and the nicotine level of the liquid used.

You are simply using too high a power compared to the nicotine level of your e-liquid.

It is, therefore, necessary either to reduce the power of use or to take a liquid with a lower nicotine level.

At the beginning of the electronic cigarette, we had products with rather low powers. The first models of electronic cigarettes worked with powers around 8 Watts. It worked pretty well but people wanted more steam, and more power and the products evolved a lot.

Conventional electronic cigarettes today deliver powers around 20 Watts and this can go up to 150 or even 200 W. It’s a bit of a race for power.

The idea is that with this type of power the nicotine contained in the liquid is delivered much faster. The more power there is, the faster the nicotine will reach the throat and this may make you cough.

Why the electronic cigarette makes you cough:

This is what we call in electronic cigarette jargon the HIT. It is the passage of nicotine in the throat. The nicotine in the liquid is picked up by the brain and this creates a “HIT”, a scratching sound in the throat. As well as a slight feeling of pleasure.

The more the sensors will receive nicotine, the more it will scratch. And if it’s a little too much, it makes you cough.

The problem, therefore, comes from the fact that there is too much nicotine coming into the mouth.

With the first electronic cigarette models, liquid manufacturers recommended that heavy smokers take a nicotine level of 18 mg/ml. It was about the maximum. For the heavy smoker.

But this nicotine level and this recommendation were suitable with the equipment of the time. That is to say, an e-cigarette delivers a power of around 8 Watts.

Today, with the current equipment, this nicotine level is far too high.

The evolution of the material has meant that the nicotine is delivered much more brutally and you must therefore lower the nicotine level of your liquid so that it is not too strong.

This is a very good thing: it reduces the level of nicotine and therefore reduces its dependence.

Why am I coughing with my e-cigarette?

The reason is therefore simple: you are vaping a liquid with too much nicotine compared to the power you are using. If you vape at 25 Watts with a 16 mg/ml liquid, it will be much too strong, the Hit will be too powerful.

This requires finding the right compromise between power and nicotine level.

It is therefore necessary either to lower the power or to change the rate of nicotine.

If you lower the power with a high rate of nicotine: the nicotine will spread more slowly, therefore less Hit. You will also consume less liquid. On the other hand, there will be less steam.

If you lower the nicotine level with a high potency: The liquid will heat up faster, and although there is less nicotine it will dissipate more quickly and you will have the hit you need. There will be more vapour, but you will consume the liquid more quickly.

The solution is therefore a good power/nicotine level ratio.

Today, an electronic cigarette works very well around 20 Watts with a liquid of 6 mg/ml. There is no point in going much further. The big powers are reserved for the scholars of the e-cigarette.

Happy vaping everyone!