Budding vaper? Beginner? Know how to make good use of your e-cigarette to preserve it and enjoy it. Taking good care of your electronic inhaler means knowing how to keep all parts and accessories in good condition.

The first is the battery. For its optimal functioning and durability, it is necessary:

  • Do not force the battery too much when inserting it into a charger
  • Respect the duration of the first charge (4 to 6 hours)
  • Do not exceed the limit of the number of recharging cycles (no more than 300 times)
  • Do not fully charge or fully discharge the battery before storing it

Then, to properly maintain the cartridge and prolong the life of the atomizer:

  • Being too generous or too stingy when filling a cartridge are two things to avoid: flooded, your cartridge will not be able to provide a good volume of vapour. If it is too dry, you may smell the unpleasant burning taste.
  • Starting the atomizer is very important. For this, there is a very effective little trick: it consists of pouring 2 drops of e-liquid on the braid of the atomizer before pouring it into the cartridge and filling it.
  • It is also important to break in the atomizer well for 7 or 14 days. It must be cleaned regularly: run it through very hot water to clean it, and remove deposits between the screw threads and the electrical contacts using a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. This action will result in better electrical contact between the atomizer and the battery.
  • Dust your atomizer with a dry air bomb

If you flood your cartridge too much with e-liquid, your vapour volume will be low. Dry it a bit.

Transport and shipping:

  • To secure your electronic cigarette while on the move, it is always necessary to put it in suitable boxes that you can buy in various online stores and are not expensive or buy the eRoll box which comes with a rechargeable box.
  • It is recommended to always keep your electronic cigarette in a horizontal position to avoid any risk of e-liquid spilling.

Attention! You have to disassemble your device when you don’t use it for a while.

After cleaning your device or an accessory such as the atomizer, you must wait until it is completely dry before using it again.

Never use products such as washing-up products or other cleaning products for your electric inhaler.

  • Do not lend your device: question of hygiene.
  • An electronic cigarette is only used for vaping and only for vaping!
  • Do not leave the inhaler within reach of children!

For the proper functioning of your e-cigarette, follow all the instructions and do not take any risk in experimenting with your personal findings.