The batteries accompany the happy owners of mods every day. They have become our best friends, but if the safety rules are not scrupulously respected, these faithful companions can quickly become real bombs. To avoid any disappointment and thus preserve the health of your electronic cigarette batteries, we invite you to read and respect the few safety rules below.


First of all, to transport your batteries and have peace of mind, we strongly recommend that you put them in dedicated battery storage boxes. Most of the time made of plastic, these carrying cases prevent your batteries from coming into contact with a metal object such as keys. Who hasn’t heard stories where a battery had touched metal and caused an explosion… If you don’t want to make the headlines following a degassing, protect your precious batteries!


The second point to pay attention to is insulation. A poorly insulated battery can lead to gassing. So to avoid being faced with this problem, check that your wraps are intact. If these are damaged, even a little, do not hesitate to change them. It’s simple, it’s quick and it’s above all an essential precaution. The same goes for the positive and negative poles. If you notice the slightest impact or other on these poles, plan ahead and no longer use these electronic cigarette batteries.

Another criterion to respect, which is unfortunately too often set aside, is the pairing of your batteries. If you vape on a double battery box, it is imperative to use two accumulators dedicated to it. When buying a box, buy your batteries and never separate them. Recharge them together, this will prevent one battery from being more discharged than another. Bad distribution of the loads and a battery will necessarily have to give more power to balance the other. It’s not optimal and it’s above all dangerous: security is priceless.


The other fundamental point is the tension. This applies to electronic mods but also and especially to mechanical mods. Be extremely careful not to have too low a voltage in your batteries. To avoid any danger, regularly check that the voltage is not lower than 3 volts. Below, you will draw on the resources of the battery and by dint of asking too much of it, it will end up not by saying stop but by degassing or exploding…. So listen to him. Many battery chargers give you the necessary information about your batteries. An external charger also preserves the battery and increases its lifespan: your batteries deserve that!


Of course, other rules exist and are more common sense. You should not leave your batteries in direct sunlight or expose them to very low temperatures. The optimum operating range for batteries is considered to be between 0 and 45 degrees. Outside this range between the polar cold and the heat wave, the chemistry of the batteries becomes unstable and exposes you to the risk of explosions. Caution!

Positioning your batteries in the right direction while respecting the polarities is also one of the things to pay attention to for a serene vape. Do we need to remind you that when mounting a resistor, you must also check that no short circuit is present and that the value of the coil is in line with the power that the battery can provide? Do not forget.

A little tip that does not concern the safety but the longevity of your batteries: do not store them 100% charged. They could discharge little by little and above all, this could reduce their performance.

Do not see all these rules as constraints, but rather as safeguards. Vaping is an effective and pleasant substitute, so let’s make sure it stays that way! Like any electronic device, precautions must be taken, but over time, all these measures will become reflexes. Your security is our priority. Take care of your accumulators and you will be sure to vape safely!