The choice is tough! Some long-time vapers staunchly advocate spaced coils while others swear by tight coils…

For many years, two clans have fought each other fiercely hoping that the editing they approve of will become the norm. Through this guide dedicated to the assembly of rebuildable atomizers, you will discover the differences between tight coils and spaced coils as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each!


A majority of us have long adopted tight coils to create our resistances. This choice was a natural choice both for the simplicity of implementation and for the rendering it offers. 

To make this type of coil, a simple template is enough. The most meticulous can turn to a dedicated tool like we are vape coiler. The assembly requires little knowledge, simply wrap the resistive wire around the rod, ensuring that it is tight. 

After completing this task, mount the coil on the deck of your dripper or tank and blush the resistance to eliminate any hot spots! 

The speed of execution of this assembly is undoubtedly what most charms vapers who are also amazed by the very good rendering of flavours and the maximum production of vapour. 

It should be noted that the tight turns offer easier placement of the cotton. Tightened correctly, the turns form a relatively rigid coil that will not deform when passing cotton. It is not negligible!


Conversely, the spaced turns are the delight of many enthusiasts who praise them for their exceptional rendering of flavours. Contrary to popular belief, spaced turns are not much more complex to achieve than a classic coil! It will be necessary to redouble our attention and show patience, but nothing is insurmountable. 

To make these resistors, some people use tricks like using a screw! With its threads, the latter makes it possible to wind the coil serenely and to respect an identical space between the turns! 

Others are satisfied with a classic template. Once the coil is wound, it can be relaxed by simply pulling on its ends. If the result is not as precise as with a screw, it is clear that the final rendering is often quite sufficient to guarantee a vape rich in flavours! 

This is an advantage that amateurs have not forgotten to shout loud and clear: no need to make the coil blush! With the turns being spaced out, it is not necessary to heat the coil to remove the hot spots unlike coils with tight turns. The time saving is minor but above all, we avoid manipulation that is sometimes disapproved of! 

The time for the final phase is approaching. When the placement of the cotton will take place, you will have to be particularly careful not to deform the coil. Take your time and do not hesitate to put on a sufficient quantity of cotton to avoid any risk of projection during use! A majority of vapers have abandoned these spaced coils following liquid splashes… Try adding cotton and perhaps you will abandon your tight coils!