Direct or indirect vape? This question arises more and more often… But what is hidden behind these terms? Nothing very complex, don’t worry!

Let’s start with the indirect vape, also called indirect inhalation or MTL (for mouth to lung). 

Without knowing it, you have most certainly already practised this technique. A consumer of a traditional cigarette indeed inhales the smoke and then keeps it in the mouth for a few seconds before sending it into the lungs. It’s indirect! The same goes for vaping. With MTL, you inhale the vapour and then hold it in your mouth before sending it into your lungs. Three steps you do naturally without realizing it.

Direct inhalation, on the other hand, consists of sending the vapour directly into the lungs. It’s that simple? Yes! But what is a little more complex is the fact of having to choose between these two methods the one that suits you best…


To start, it is strongly recommended to turn to a material that will offer you an indirect vape and therefore a tight draw. With a  clearomiser like the Nautilus 2s from Aspire, for example, you will have a relatively restricted airflow which will require you to draw gently but for a long time, just like on a cigarette… With this type of material, you obtain perfect restitution of flavours but Above all, you can use a higher rate of nicotine. Swallowing a huge amount of vapour with a high nicotine level…it’s not necessarily the best way to enjoy vaping!

A former smoker who turns to vape has every interest in choosing a clearomiser with relatively small air inlets to have a very tight and therefore indirect vape. This will make the transition much easier.


Informed users of electronic cigarettes who vape with a fairly low nicotine level can, on the other hand, turn to direct inhalation or DTL (direct to lung). A multitude of reconstructable atomizers and even clearomizers have huge airflows that offer a very airy draw. With this type of product, you can send your vapour directly to the lungs and thus produce clouds so impressive that they would make a locomotive pale!

If you have some experience and nicotine is just a distant memory, opting for a clearomizer or atomizer with a large airflow could well be the solution to remember. A direct inhalation will give you good sensations and will easily compensate for the absence of nicotine!

In any case, the main thing is to have fun and above all not to relapse into your old faults!