A clearomizer is made of four main parts: 

Drip tip: Also called mouthpiece, this is the part that will be in contact with the mouth. Its shape and texture will affect the temperature of the steam. 

  • Reservoir: corresponds to the sealed part that accommodates the e-liquid. It consists of an element called pyrex which is often cylindrical. Its capacity may vary depending on the model. 
  • Resistance: this is the element intended to heat the e-liquid contained in the tank. The resistor is made up of resistive wires and a wick to create steam. Its power is variable and is calculated in ohm. 
  • Base: Part that links the battery and the resistance. It is equipped with an airflow that allows you to adjust the airflow inlet. 
  • Airflow: Open space allowing the entry of the airflow to cool the resistance and promote the air/steam mixture. On an air draft, the air entry is massive and on a tight draft, the air entry is reduced. 

What to consider:

There are two resistance placements: 

  •  The capacity
  • Airflow adjustment
  • The associated resistors

Use of the clearomizer

  • Filling: pour the liquid into the notch of the clearomiser provided for this purpose. Close then wait 15 minutes before use so that the resistance soaks up enough e-liquid. 
  • Change Coil: Coils last between 10 and 15 fills. For the change you need: 
  1. Open the clearomizer, 
  2. Remove the resistor using paper,
  3. Screw the new resistor  
  4. Fill the clearomizer
  5. Close 
  • Clean the clearomiser: 
  1. Unscrew the battery clearo
  2. Remove each part 
  3. Clean with hot water
  4. Dry all the parts 
  5. Clean with lukewarm water 
  6. Let air dry 

All about resistance

There are two resistance placements: 

  • Upward resistance: light and warmer vapour
  • Down resistance: promotes feeding. For the start of this model, we advise you to blow and suck several times, with a small breath, in the drip tip while quickly activating the battery. 

Resistance values

The higher the value in ohms, the less vapour there is and the more it will be necessary to vape on small wattages. The high resistance values, ​​therefore, make it possible to consume less liquid and battery.