It’s back to school! Are you getting into the electronic cigarette, or do you simply want to change equipment? But you don’t know which format to turn to? After this blog, you will know the difference between the 3 formats and therefore the one that will suit you best!

Are you looking for something easy to hold, compact and discreet?

Head to a pod or pod mod. They are equipped with a small battery, and a pod cartridge to accommodate the e-liquid. Ideal for beginners, they are not very expensive, and will quickly make you forget your classic cigarette. The pod is also suitable for vapers who want a more nomadic format to take everywhere!

Increasingly widespread, Pods are new generation electronic cigarettes intended for a small consumption of liquid: either for liquids with a high concentration of nicotine and little vegetable glycerin or alternative liquids such as CBD or nicotine salt.

Choosing the right Pod

Beyond the subjective criteria that depend on everyone’s taste (design, shape, size, colour, etc.), there are essential criteria that can influence your choice:


Autonomy is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria for choosing the right Pod electronic cigarette. As expressed in “mAh”, the higher the number of mAh, the better the autonomy.

Note that the value of the resistance of the Pod can greatly affect the autonomy of your battery. A high resistance (greater than 1 ohm) will thus marry better with a battery with little autonomy. Conversely, a low resistance (less than 1 ohm) must be coupled with a larger battery.

The type of vape

Even if the Pods are more intended for a vape in indirect inhaling with a tight draw close to that of a classic cigarette, there are exceptions. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to it according to your needs when purchasing it. (link to inhalation tutorial)

Cartridge type

The type of cartridge offered by the Pod (see the question “What are the different models of Pods”) is a criterion to consider and it is up to you to decide which model is best suited to your needs and your budget.

Find an in-between with the tube cigarette

A Tube electronic cigarette is made up of two main elements: the tank and the tubular battery. Just like the pod format, it remains compact and small in size, which makes it easy to slip into a pocket. It remains very easy to use, with few or no settings, and the battery automatically recognizes the clearomiser and sends the necessary power. The Tube kits contain everything you need: a battery, a clearomiser and a resistor. It offers a little more adjustment and autonomy than the pods.

Choosing the right Tube

Tight draw tubular kits

This kit is characterized by a compact format, a battery with moderate autonomy and a clearomiser dedicated to indirect inhalation.

It is designed to replicate the sensations of a classic cigarette. It, therefore, offers a soft vape with a tight draw.

It can be combined with many types of e-liquids, but it will work best with e-liquids with high nicotine levels or nicotine salts.

Overhead tubular kits

This kit is characterized by a larger format, a battery with high autonomy and a clearomiser dedicated to indirect inhalation.

It is designed to offer more varied sensations and It offers a more powerful vape with a more airy draw. Its characteristics require e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin levels (minimum 50%) and a low nicotine level.

Do you rather want a personalized and customizable vape? Need autonomy?

Go to a “box”. This is a very popular format among vapers. Even if these kits are bulkier, because, for some models, they integrate one or more batteries, they are also more efficient both in terms of power and autonomy. And offer more settings, therefore more customizable for a vape adapted to your desires and your needs.

Choosing the right Box

A simple box with an integrated battery

In a box, it is characterized by a compact format and an integrated battery which is recharged using the supplied USB cable. The box generally only offers a classic vape mode in watts, which makes it simple to use. It is enough to increase or reduce the power to vary the production of steam.

The clearomiser provided in the box is designed to offer a soft vape in indirect inhaling. It thus reproduces the sensations of a classic cigarette.


Advanced box with a built-in battery or with batteries

In a box, it is characterized by a larger format and higher power. The box of the kit works either with an integrated battery or with one or more batteries which makes it even more autonomous. Indeed, you can recharge your empty batteries in an external charger like the MC2 and then just replace the empty battery with a charged battery to continue using the box. Its menu is also more complete and allows more advanced settings. It can, for example, offer a temperature control or bypass mode, which is a little more complicated to master than the Variable Wattage mode.

The clearomiser of the advanced box kit is generally dedicated to direct inhalation. It offers more varied sensations and a more airy draw.

Its resistors also have a lower Ohm value. They need more power and produce more vapour.


The boxes that work with one or more batteries have more autonomy because it is possible to invert the batteries to never break down. In addition, a box that works with two batteries, the capacity of each battery is added. Thus, when a box combines two batteries with a range of 3000 mAh, the total of the two is 6000 mAh.