There is a multitude of electronic cigarettes on the market, so it can be difficult to choose. We will guide you to present the points to take into account when you want to buy an e-cigarette .

How to choose? 

Of course, it is always possible to get information on blogs and news sites, provided that the information has at least the interest of being objective. The disadvantage of course is paradoxically the overflow of information. The multitude of models leads to a multitude of comments. In addition, each person is looking for models that meet different criteria: volume of smoking, the impression of “hit” (in other words the feeling of smoking), resemblance to a real cigarette, and battery life. In short, as many models as smokers a priori.

A similar cigarette or not?

All smokers looking for an e-cig spontaneously choose models resembling their traditional cigarettes. It does seem easier to use it without arousing suspicion. Serious error, in use, these “vapers” quickly realize that this kind of e-cigarette ultimately attracts much more attention, especially if you use it in a public place. Experience! People will look at you as a terrorist if you take out an object that looks like a cigarette, while with another e-cig they will be either integrated at most or indifferent, more often than not. 

Another major drawback of this kind of model: is the battery. Indeed, the model is as small as a cigarette. But this mini size comes at a price; battery life! This generally only lasts an hour at most, while others that are a little larger allow you to vape all day without having to recharge!

If you are nevertheless tempted to try this type of model: try the KR808D-1 or the DSE 901-2, perhaps the two best in this niche.  

The problem is solved, let’s review other models available to you. The selection is not intended to be exhaustive, far from it. It just has the merit of presenting two models offering a good alternative to smokers. The choice is based on our personal experience, on the one hand, and user comments on the other.

The Ego-T electronic cigarette: 

This model is considered a reference model on the market, it is also found on all merchant sites. Is this a sufficient criterion? No, but it proves the popularity of the model and also makes it easy to find spare parts or associated accessories. 

What makes the Ego-T so popular? It combines quite well all the requirements of the smoker who swaps his cigarette for an e-cigarette. The hit is quite strong, the smoke (or vapour) is dense, and the autonomy is important (the batteries go up to 1100 mAh). The pack includes the essentials for vaping, all you have to do is get some e-liquid. 

A pack includes (in general): – 2 batteries – 2 atomisers – cartridges for e-liquid – 1 USB charger – 1 Mains charger – 1 user manual  

The 510-T electronic cigarette: 

Also a reference model according to the vaping community. Smaller and more discreet than its big sister, the Ego-T, the 510-T gives a good sensation of “hit” and vapour (although a little less on this point than the Ego). 

But if the 510 is smaller and lighter, it is because its battery does not allow the same autonomy. Indeed, the most powerful are only equipped with a 280 mAh battery, a bit short to last a whole day… 

Nevertheless, this model is more affordable than the Ego-Twhich makes it a good value for money for light smokers or occasional smokers. At what price can we find the electronic cigarette 510 Tank?