The Advanced E-Smoker

As long as the ProVari Mini has been marketed, smokers continue wondering at the amount of power that ProVape managed to fill into such a small package. This peculiar type of e-cigarettes is less than four inches long and under and inch thick, and yet it’s the only variable-voltage e-cigarette that manages to generate a full six watts of power as long as the battery is used.

If you’ve been an e-smoker for some time, you’ve probably seen less expensive versions that bear more than a passing resemblance to the ProVari. If anyway you tried them, you can tell that there’s no closer comparison — not only is the quality of these ProVari models often extremely poor, but they can’t produce six volts of power even on a full battery charge.

Of course, you can’t discuss the ProVari and ProVari Mini without specifying the price — it is slightly over the average one if you need a full starter kit, which consists of the ProVari, two batteries, a charging system and an e-liquid tank. However, the sum you invest in, is the absolute best performance currently available from an e-cigarette. You’re also paying for the quality that comes with a product created and manufactured in the United States. Do you need an example from the original source of that quality? Ask the smoker, who purchased his/her fisrt ProVari some time ago. If he/she uses it every day and it still works perfectly, this is the best choice.

It has to be mentioned that the ProVari probably isn’t the favorite alternative for you if you’ve never smoked an e-cigarette before. Most e-smokers will never need to use the ProVari’s full six volts of power, and the ProVari also has a learning curve that can take a bit of time to master. However, if takling about quality and performance, there’s no better e-cigarette in the market. The ProVari most probably will not be your first e-cigarette, but it will be your last one!