Envy NirVana

There are several different e-cigarette companies pretending nowadays to become main player of the inexpensive category in e-cigarette market. However, most of them do it by offering disposable e-cigarettes. You’ve probably encountered more than a few of them online and in local supermarkets.

Disposables are a good way to start e-smoking, but it would be much better buying an e-cigarette with components you can keep afterwards. In this Envy NirVana review, we can describe that the NirVana is the best deal at a good price that you’ll ever find in the e-cigarette industry.

The Envy NirVana belongs to a class of e-cigarettes that is usually called the “Express Kits.” These e-cigarette kits usually cost quite accessible and include a battery, a USB charger and one or two pre-filled cartridges. A lot of them are pretty good deals if compared to disposable e-cigarettes, but with the exception of the Envy NirVana, none include enough cartridges to keep you going for more than a day or two.

So, if you really want to stick to full-time e-cigarettes smoking, you’ll need to order more cartridges as soon as you receive your kit. The Envy NirVana is considered to be a far superior value because it includes your first seven cartomizers. Thus, we can say that the Envy NirVana not only costs less than any other inexpensive e-cigarette, but it also includes more refill cartridges than any of them. That is a great advantage!

You can also get the Envy NirVana in an upgraded kit called the Premium Kit. The Premium Kit costs a little bit more and includes a battery, ten refill cartridges, USB and wall chargers and a portable storage case that can recharge your battery when it is over. Decide which of the kits is better for you and enjoy smoking!