Cigavette Cuvana Disposable E-Cigar

Despite the fact that Jet Cigs was established in 2011, it wasn’t until 2012 that their product range really began to be manifested in all the spheres, positioning Jet Cigs on the very top.

The Jet Cigs flavor selection now consists of 11 various refill flavors, all produced in the United States, and the Jet Cigs e-cigarette is powered by the industry standard 510 battery.

If you already possess a Blu E-Cigarette, a Volcano Magma or a Halo Element, for instance, you can buy Jet Cigs cartridges and use them with your own battery. Additionally, Jet Cigs presents its batteries and USB charger with a one-year warranty.

Being fully assembled, the Jet Cigs e-cigarette is a little bit larger than a classic, real cigarette. If you’re searching for your first e-cigarette, you might have observed that some companies offer e-cigarettes with slightly smaller batteries and refill cartridges.

But these smaller e-cigarettes keep less e-liquid and all in all produce only around 40 puffs per battery charge. You can expect to get around 80-90 puffs per charge out of the Jet Cigs battery. But it is not a drawback, it is more than enough time to use one battery while the other is charging. If you need additional batteries, they’re available at a reasonable price each.