ProVari and ProVari Mini

If you’re tired of good vapor at the start of a new battery and vapor of a bad quality at the end, then the ProVari Mini variable voltage electronic cigarette is the best alternative for you!

So, when encountering this cigarette, you might be surprising to find another version of ProVari – a ProVari Mini. The ProVari Mini is an innovative device, and since it can be someone’s primary e-cigarette it’s just about always within at hand. With the ProVari Mini, you get exactly the same features as you’d get with the classic ProVari, but you get them in a package that’s almost an inch shorter in length.

Instead of a 1100 mAh battery, the ProVari Mini applies 700 mAh batteries, so you get no so prolonged battery life. Otherwise, there is no obvious difference between these e-cigarettes. However, one may come to a conclusion that that sort inch makes the ProVari Mini feel so much smaller than the original ProVari.

You should keep in mind as well that the polished stainless steel finish (if you select this one) can be scratched easier than the other colors. ProVape cannot provide polishing services on used devices, but with a little metal polish and a soft cloth you can touch up the finish yourself.
If you like to hold a small e-cig, suitable for any occasions, you can become a really big fan.